First Look at X-Files Movie Trailer: Love in the Air?

Straight from the X-Files panel at the Paley Fest on Wednesday, we got a first look at a new trailer for the show's upcoming movie.

Directed by Chris Carter, there are plenty of scenes with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson — and love might even be in the air. In one scene, for example, Mulder says to Scully, "I need you on this [case]." Scully responds, "That's what scares me."

In another, a romantic mood has Mulder with his hand on Scully's face. The scene concludes with a shot of them walking together from a helicopter, and has a voice over from Duchovny saying, "I want to believe."

Shortly after the first screening of the teaser, the fans asked Chris Carter for a second look, and he happily agreed. The crowd that had gone nuts at the first showing reacted even more strongly when they could fully soak up the images a second time around. The film's story seems to begin with a young girl that is taken by something, prompting a massive FBI search effort that takes place in a large snowy field. Interspersed between the images are messages from the show's past about "beliefs" and "truths." Smash to black... then the famous, eerie tones of the theme song filled the air.

A barrage of images then flash across the screen, some dark and scary, and then we see our heroes Mulder and Scully looking older but fabulous. Judging from Scully's reaction to Mulder asking for her help, she's been away from the FBI for a while... but perhaps not away from him. (The trailer showed a glimpse of a lovey-dovey shot of the pair about to kiss.)

A bonus tidbit comes directly from Carter on the press line: Baby William, whom so many of you asked about, will be addressed in the movie in some fashion. You heard it here first!

We want to believe, too. Keep up with us for more from the event!



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