TV Fest '08: X-Files Coming to the Big Screen Again!

The truth is not only out there, it's right in here. An all-new X-Files 2 trailer premiered Wednesday night at the Paley Center for Media's 25th Annual TV Fest. (The series clip reel starts it off, and the trailer starts around 2:50.) Then click in for more movie scoop from masterminds Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz.


What was it like shooting in Canada again after having moved the show from Vancouver to L.A. halfway through its run?
It was wonderful. I had so many friends up there, I had so many people that I've worked with up there. It wasn't a reunion exactly, because we could only hire one person for each job. So that was unfortunate. But I hope to be going back there again, not just for The X-Files, but for other things.

Yay! You've been very secretive about the movie, as is, of course, your writing privilege, but the casting was released of Amanda Peet and Xzibit. Was that on purpose or was that by accident? Was that a little tidbit you were putting out there?
I think it was on purpose/by accident. I think what happens is...a public relations machine starts up, and it's very hard to keep those things a secret. So I think what wasn't announced is what they are playing, the roles they're playing, and we'll announce that later on.

What's the title of the movie?
There is no title yet.

When will you decide that?
I've already decided, but whether or not it remains the title is up to Fox.

Annabeth Gish has said she might be in the third movie—have you planned the third movie?
No, I haven't even finished cutting this one.

Is it true that there is a love scene in the movie between Mulder and Scully? Thought I'd throw that out there.
Nice try.


Have you completed principal photography?
Yes, we finished 10 days ago.

Excellent work. When can fans expect to see the official trailer for the movie in theaters?
I think...April.

Do you guys plan to go to Comic-Con this year, which is happening at about the same as the movie comes out in the theaters?
We're trying to figure that out right now.  

What's the name of the movie?
We're trying to figure that out right now.

Is there going to be a subtitle? The X-Files 2: Something Something?
I think so. We don't have permission to say yet what it is. But hopefully in the next few weeks.

Will it be The X-Files 2: Where Is Mulder and Scully's Baby?
That's a good title. My lips are sealed.

Will the whereabouts of baby William be revealed in the movie in any way, shape or form?
It's not a mythology movie, but it is true to everything that has happened to Mulder and Scully. So we'll sort of acknowledge all the backstory that diehard fans are aware of. But it's not the sort of movie that carries on any of the mythology storylines. Not this time around.



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