The X-Files - Fox Announces a New X-Files TV-DVD, But it Seems to be a Mystery!

We investigated this release, though, and found out a few things

This morning Fox revealed an updated schedule to retailers, showing a July 1st street date for a DVD release called The X-Files - Revelations. Other than the title, date and a cost of $22.98 SRP in the USA (CA$25.98 SRP in Canada), no other information was available. Is this a mystery? An "x-file" to be solved?

We've done a bit of digging, in true X-Files fashion, and found out that this will be a 2-disc release featuring 8 episodes. While we don't have a list of the episode titles yet, the information we have is that this release might perhaps be themed around Mulder and Scully's relationship as it developed throughout the run of the program. There WILL be bonus material on this package, but we're not certain what it is yet, or if it even is new material (as opposed to extras previously seen on the season set releases, OR on the four previous releases themed around the "mythology arc" episodes).

Obviously this package is meant to tie in with the July 25th box office debut of the as-yet-untitled second X-Files film (rumor has it that creator Chris Carter and the studio people at Fox are tussling over what they each think the movie's title ought to be). Due to the tie-in, it wouldn't surprise us if this new DVD release comes with some "movie cash" good towards a free or cheap ticket for the new theatrical film. Box art isn't available yet, but stay tuned and we'll update you with that, AND with all the other details about this mysterious set, just as soon as we get them! Remember, the truth is out there.

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