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The X-Files - Trust No One? Two Release Dates Given for Revelations DVDs!

The Press Release's Info Trumps The Earlier Retailer Info

When we first told you about the upcoming 2-DVD set of The X-Files - Revelations, the release date given to us by retailer contacts was July 1st. That date was repeated to us when we posted the contents and, a few days later, the package art. Even now, our retailer contacts tell us that this date is still the one shown at Fox's password-protected retailer site (which we don't have access to ourselves), and the Amazon pre-order listing shows the July 1st date, too. So several of our readers were confused when we posted Fox's official press release this last Friday. In our subtitle heading we co ... [Continua a leggere]


The X-Files - The Truth Is In Here: The Complete Text of Fox's Official Revelations Press Release

Trust No One on July 1st!

PREPARE TO BELIEVE AGAINTHE X-FILES REVELATIONSJust In Time For The Highly-Anticipated Theatrical Sequel, Eight Critical Episodes, Hand-Picked By Series Creator Chris Carter, Land On A Two-Disc DVD Compilation July 8th From Fox Home Entertainment Includes All-New Introductions To Each Episode By Creator Chris Carter & Executive Producer Frank Spotnitz, Exclusive WonderCon Panel With David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson, Teaser Trailer For The Upcoming Film & Free Movie Cash TicketCENTURY CITY, Calif. - The truth will be out there... Fox Home Entertainment presents an exclusive insider ... [Continua a leggere]


The X-Files -Package Art Revealed for Revelations Set; Explains DVD Theme as Film-Based!

Describes this DVD release as the 'Essential Guide To The [new] X-Files Movie'

Californication cover art isn't the only David Duchovny-related DVD packaging we have to talk about today! This morning Fox Home Entertainment distributed to retailers a picture of the box for their July 1st release of The X-Files - Revelations.As we explained a week ago, when we brought you the list of 8 episodes on this 2-disc set, this release is obviously based around a theme of some sort. However, we couldn't detect what it was based on the episode titles. Now we can see from the front cover of the box that these particular installments are meant to be an "Essential Guide To The X-Files M ... [Continua a leggere]


The X-Files -Mystery Solved: Episode List, Extras for X-Files - Revelations DVDs

2-Disc set arrives on July 1st

Yesterday we revealed (pun intended) that Fox is planning a July 1st release of The X-Files - Revelations. We had learned that this would be a 2-DVD set containing 8 episodes and some extras, but we didn't have the details on what those contents would be. Now our retailer contacts have provided us with an update, which their received from Fox this morning: Episodes: Disc 1: Pilot (Season 1) Beyond the Sea (Season 1) The Host (Season 2) Clyde Bruckmans Final Repose (Season 3) Disc 2: Memento Mori (Season 4) Post-Modern Prometheus (Season 5) Bad Blood (Season 5) Milagro ... [Continua a leggere]


The X-Files - Fox Announces a New X-Files TV-DVD, But it Seems to be a Mystery!

We investigated this release, though, and found out a few things

This morning Fox revealed an updated schedule to retailers, showing a July 1st street date for a DVD release called The X-Files - Revelations. Other than the title, date and a cost of $22.98 SRP in the USA (CA$25.98 SRP in Canada), no other information was available. Is this a mystery? An "x-file" to be solved?We've done a bit of digging, in true X-Files fashion, and found out that this will be a 2-disc release featuring 8 episodes. While we don't have a list of the episode titles yet, the information we have is that this release might perhaps be themed around Mulder and Scully's relationship ... [Continua a leggere]


X-Files, The - Conspiracy Contents Revealed

For nine seasons, fans of "The X Files" watched and waited for an ultimate explanation of the complex web of alien conspiracy theories, government cover-ups and shadow organizations woven by series creator Chris Carter. Now, for the first time, viewers can follow every twist and turn of the complete mythology story arc beginning with THE X FILES MYTHOLOGY: ABDUCTION. ABDUCTION consists of 16 episodes from seasons 1-3, and presents the government conspiracy episodes in order, beginning with the series pilot. The set also features commentary on selected episodes and part one of Chris Carter's all-new documentary "Threads Of Mythology," which explains the meaning of "The X Files" and how all lies lead to the truth.

Fox has announced the contents of the X-Files Conspiracy set they previously announced for May 17. This 3 disc set will contain 16 episodes from the first three seasons which involve the aliens, and the government conspiracy.Disc 1: Pilot / Deep Throat / Fallen Angel / EBEDisc 2: The Erlenmeyer Flask / Little Green Men / Duane Barry / AscensionDisc 3: One Breath / Red Museum / Colony / End Game Disc 4: Anasazi / The Blessing Way / Paper ClipExtras Include: - Deep Throat commentary with Chris Carter - Little Green Men commentary with David Nutter - Duane Barry commentary with Chris Carter - End ... [Continua a leggere]



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