The X-Files - Trust No One? Two Release Dates Given for Revelations DVDs!

The Press Release's Info Trumps The Earlier Retailer Info

When we first told you about the upcoming 2-DVD set of The X-Files - Revelations, the release date given to us by retailer contacts was July 1st. That date was repeated to us when we posted the contents and, a few days later, the package art. Even now, our retailer contacts tell us that this date is still the one shown at Fox's password-protected retailer site (which we don't have access to ourselves), and the Amazon pre-order listing shows the July 1st date, too.

So several of our readers were confused when we posted Fox's official press release this last Friday. In our subtitle heading we continued to mention the 1st, but three times in the text of the studio's press release it actually says "July 8th". We checked it at Fox's password-protected press site (which we DO have access to), and it said the 8th. As do certain retailers, including DVDEmpire's listing.

We knew the truth was out there, so we contacted Fox Home Entertainment to get the final word on the subject. They tell us that the correct street date for The X-Files - Revelations is July 8th.

Case closed, Scully...time for the next X-File!

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