The X-Files -Package Art Revealed for Revelations Set; Explains DVD Theme as Film-Based!

Describes this DVD release as the 'Essential Guide To The [new] X-Files Movie'

Californication cover art isn't the only David Duchovny-related DVD packaging we have to talk about today! This morning Fox Home Entertainment distributed to retailers a picture of the box for their July 1st release of The X-Files - Revelations.

As we explained a week ago, when we brought you the list of 8 episodes on this 2-disc set, this release is obviously based around a theme of some sort. However, we couldn't detect what it was based on the episode titles. Now we can see from the front cover of the box that these particular installments are meant to be an "Essential Guide To The X-Files Movie" (we presume the new one, still officially untitled, that's coming to theaters on July 25th). It continues by saying these are "8 Critical Episodes Handpicked By The Series Creator" (who would be Chris Carter, naturally).

When any given television series airs a new episode that builds on elements of previous storylines, even ones from several seasons ago, we usually get an extended "Previously On..." prologue piece which shows the critical scenes that apply to the new installment. This time around, with a feature film in the offing, Carter apparently wants to clue us in by giving us eight critical episodes that we can view on our own schedule, and mull over and discuss to see what we think may or may not apply...and give us quite some time before the film's debut to do it!

Of course, X-Files fans who already own those eight episodes on DVD don't have to wait. Let the re-watching, and the theorizing, begin! Of course, the intros by Carter and Frank Spotnitz on the new DVD set might add to that discussion, hmmm? Maybe. We don't know yet!

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