X-Files Secrets Hinted On Set

Now that the title of The X-Files: I Want to Believe has been released, it can be revealed that SCI FI Wire and a group of journalists visited the movie's set in Vancouver, Canada, in February and saw that the source of that title will appear in a key scene: When Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) reunites with her former FBI partner, Fox Mulder (David Duchovny).

Mulder has been living in a house in the woods outside Washington, D.C., since 2002, the year the Fox TV series ended. Six years will have elapsed since the end of the show and the film sequel, set to open in July. Mulder "was a fugitive, as you know at the end of the series," co-writer/producer Frank Spotnitz said during a tour of the set. "So there was really very little continuity, but there is this."

He points to the office, now in the old house, a loving recreation of Mulder's FBI basement space.

"And there's the poster," Spotnitz said: A flying saucer over the words "I want to believe."

Spotnitz added: "I don't actually know where the ... set department got this poster from, whether it was one of the original Vancouver or L.A. posters. But it is one of the originals."

The house actually sits in a soundstage built from a converted ice rink in an abandoned amusement park in this Canadian city (the house set doubles one in a nearby town that was used for exterior shots). The house has an office with features that will seem very familiar to X-Philes: A bulletin board crowded with news clippings and a drawing of the creature from "Post-Modern Prometheus," sunflower seeds in a bowl on the old wooden desk, pencils stuck in the ceiling, a photo of Samantha on the desk and a basketball. There's even a fishtank in another room.

The office is the location of a scene being shot this day, in which Scully, dressed in a long camel coat with her red hair grown long, shows up at Mulder's house. He's facing away from her, sitting at his desk, clipping something from a newspaper. He stands, turns to face her and walks as he speaks over to the wall where the poster comes into frame.

Spotnitz and X-Files creator Chris Carter remain coy about the movie's storyline, saying only that it picks up the characters in real time and will stand on its own rather than pick up the show's arcane mythology.

"I'd say we're trying to scare the pants off of you, like a really good episode of X-Files," Carter says during a break in filming. "It's not a mythology episode, but it [deals with] the characters' lives, what they've been through, their relationship and the arc of the show." The X-Files: I Want to Believe opens July 25.



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