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TVGOer: Welcome to the TVGEN/Yahoo! Chat Auditorium. Our special guests tonight are known to fans of the X-Files as Langly, Frohike and Byers. Also known as the Lone Gunmen, the covert group of misfits who are often the source of information for Special Agents Mulder and Scully. Welcome Dean Haglund, Tom Braidwood and Bruce Harwood.

Domnogin: Who wrote the "kung fu" dialogue, like when Frohike admits that Langly's "kung fu is the best" in "Unusual Suspects" (1989 Lone Gunmen encounter)?

Dean Haglund: That was Vince Gilligan! Kung fu is a term for computer hacking.

Fox_Mulder_13_98: What is your favorite episode that you've made?

Bruce Harwood: "Unusual Suspects" and "Blood."

Haglund: I didn't like "Blood" because we had to stay 'til 4 a.m. and they were still shooting.

John_C_Holmes: What do the think about the set moving from Vancouver to L.A.?

Haglund: I hope the show won't look like Baywatch Nights. But if it does, I hope Yasmeen Bleeth shows up.

Dwmiller_98: Have you ever wondered why "The Lone Gunmen" have not been eliminated by "The Conspiracy" ?

Harwood: Yes I have, but I think it's the same reason they haven't killed Scully and Mulder yet.

Haglund: I think we're controlling Well Manicured Man....LOL.

SSMelies: How many days did you spend on the set of the X-Files movie and do you have key roles for the story?

Tom Braidwood: We did one day last summer...and a day of reshoots.

Harwood: We're crucial.

Braidwood: We're there for a long time!

Davebudd: How closely do your characters resemble your own personas?

Haglund: Well, I have my own web page but that doesn't make me a hacker. Why are you asking that? Who do you work for? Not that I'm paranoid....

Frohike_luvs_Scully: Are there any plans for another episode centered around the Gunmen?

Braidwood: There are rumors of a present-day episode, but that is all.

Harwood: I hope they bring Signy Coleman back.

Ravage_4: Are you guys sci-fi fans?

All: Yes.

Braidwood: When I was a kid....Ray Bradbury...etc.

Harwood: Edgar Rice Burroughs and Lovecraft.

Haglund: Land of the Giants and Time Tunnel were my favorites.

MrsNikolasCassadine: Dean, any idea when that spiffy comic book of yours will be coming out? And is it going to be a parody of the show?

Haglund: I'm shooting for September, which will mean October, and it'll be an autobiographical experience of the last day on set in Vancouver.

Go_Lords: What is the average day of filming on the X-Files set?

Braidwood: Thirteen to 14 hours.

Harwood: We wait around a lot. We go on set and harass the director a lot.

Braidwood: Our scenes are usually the last of the day so they go quickly.

I_Am_Number_Two: What kind of reading/research do you do for your characters? Or do you leave most of that to the writers?

Harwood: I look up words in the dictionary I don't understand.

Braidwood: Most of the discussion takes place on set with the director.

Haglund: I'll buy a hackers quarterly.

Braidwood: Popular Mechanics.

Nikki_nasa: Does being a 'Lone Gunman' get the chicks?

Haglund: Considering we're all married, I hope not. Byers is the "babe magnet" of the Gunmen....

Angelynx: Do the Lone Gunmen live in their office?

Braidwood: It was suggested in the last show. We suggested they give us a triple bunk bed.

Haglund: We don't make money off that newsletter so we can't pay rent.

Hag_Man: Are you gonna be moving to L.A., or will you commute to from Canada?

Haglund: I technically already have a place in L.A. because of my comedy. Yes and No. I'll stay in Vancouver as well and rack up air miles.

Angelynx: Besides surveillance and the newsletter, do the Lone Gunmen have jobs?

Harwood: I think Byers works for a photocopier company part time.

Haglund: Langly works the burger line at McDonalds...LOL.

Braidwood: Frohike delivers newspapers and fixes motorcycles... LOL.

TVGEN: X-Files fans, TVGEN/Yahoo! has you covered. Join us Wednesday (8 p.m./ET,5 p.m./PT), Academy Award winning actor Martin Landau will be chatting live with us. Then at 9 p.m./ET, 6 p.m/PT Co-Executive Producer of the X-Files movie, Frank Spotnitz joins us.

Michael_vella10: So how does it feel to have your own movie coming out on Friday?

Braidwood: Feels great. We saw it yesterday.

Haglund: Nothing like seeing Frohike 40 feet high.......on a screen...

Logcabin99: I understand Gillian brings Piper Maru to the set with her regularly. Have you three become the "Lone Uncles"?

Haglund: I'm not a lone uncle.

Braidwood: We're not even aunts.

Haglund: Her nanny is with her at all times.

TwoShy98: Who is the leader of the Lone Gunmen?

Harwood: Byers!

Haglund: Langly!

Braidwood: We're kind of an amoeba.

Haglund: We're more modeled after the Freudian concept of personality....

Summerof78: Hi, just wondering how it is working with David and Gillian and how you like participating in the X-Files?

All: Great. They enjoy it too.

Harwood: We have to do all the talking in those scenes and there's no effects or goo on anyone.

NetAlien98: Will your characters expand more in season six????

Harwood: No one knows.

Braidwood: It's kind of a different deal now that we're going to be traveling to L.A. We're in their hands.

Sharp32481: Did you have to audition for the X-Files?

Braidwood: The director asked me to do it.

Haglund and Harwood: We did.

Det_David_Mills__NYPD: Do you cool guys hang out off the set, or is it just a very professional atmosphere?

Braidwood: Not in Vancouver....but we hang out a lot on location or at the expos. We enjoy each other's company.

Sharp32481: What other movies/TV shows have you been involved in?

Harwood: 21 Jump Street, McGuyver and a lot of canceled TV series.

Haglund: Sliders, Lonesome Dove, Commish. And I sold drugs to Lorenzo Lamas in a movie of the week.

Jazz780: Any chance for some "Lone Gunwomen" for the Lone Gunmen any time soon?

Haglund: If we're in L.A. and Yasmeen Bleeth is not doing anything.

Harwood: Drew Barrymore would be a good Lone Gunwoman.

SandJH: What do you think the odds are of a Lone Gunmen spin-off series? Would you like to do a spin-off?

Braidwood: We'd love to.

Harwood: But there isn't a chance it would happen.

Braidwood: It's a fabulous idea.

BlackHawkGV: Do the three of you believe in conspiracies as much as your characters on the show do?

All: Nope.

Harwood: I pick and choose my conspiracies.

Melanied123: What is the deal with the really cryptic episode titles?

Braidwood: It depends....Piper Maru was named after Gillian's child. There's no real pattern.

X_phileca: Hi! Do you guys play any practical jokes on the set? And if so, give us some examples please! :)

Braidwood: We knocked on David's door and we dressed me up as a cowboy ...and he didn't even notice. We joke around a lot.

Shaft3287: Which episode was the hardest to shoot?

Braidwood: From my point of view it was "Dod Calm"...the episode on the submarine. It was brutal because we shot it on a boat.

Harwood: They were never that difficult. "Unusual Suspects" was the longest time we had really been on set. I got used to the 14-hour days.

Bjorkesque: What was the coolest line of dialogue any of you had that never made it into the finished episode?

Harwood: Everything was there.

Braidwood: There was some stuff cut out of "Unusual Suspects." Most shows are shot six or seven minutes too long.

Harwood: David usually puts cool stuff in...

John_C_Holmes: Do you think the success of the TV show will transfer over onto the big screen?

Harwood: The tough part of that question is that the series has a continuing story. They can do it. But the hardest part will be continuing that through the movie.

Ollie_the_goalie: Do you guys really have a crush on that mysterious blond girl? Will she be in the movie?

Harwood: She's not in the movie and I do have a crush on her.

NetAlien98: Do you think that the move to California will bring the show more INSIDE (on sets) than outside.

Braidwood: I do. Rob Bowman made a comment that it may take on a different look. They'll play with the light in L.A. and it'll take on a harder edge for exteriors.

Computer_scholar: How much input does Chris Carter let you have on the episodes?

Braidwood: We stick to the script. It's tight when we get it. It really happens with the director. Chris may make a comment about a gunmen scene to me and explain what he's after.

Dali411: Will there be any Lone Gunmen action figures coming out?

Braidwood: The rumor is yes.

Haglund: The rumor is that they're taking a Thor doll and putting a Ramones shirt on it.

SaxSlave: All that computer crap in the show: How long does it take to get it all right during a shooting?

Harwood: We just have to say the words properly.

Haglund: It takes a few takes.....three at most.

Harwood: All the tech guys do the computer stuff. Sometime we don't even have to hit the keyboard.

Alli: How do you get a copy of the Lone Gunmen newsletter?

Haglund: It's a very selective subscription. Just Mulder and a guy at the Pentagon.

Jacie5: Was it first thought you were only going to be in one episode or so? Or did you know all along you were going to be recurring characters?

Braidwood: We thought it would be one episode.

Haglund: We thought we'd never see anyone again......

Braidwood: I still think Mulder should leave and Frohike should be Scully's new partner.

Haglund: We've been telling Chris that for years.

Harwood: Tom, only if you take us with you.

Haglund: But we don't look as good in Speedos.

Fudgiegirl: How would you three feel if the Cigarette Smoking Man was the father of the Lone Gunman!!???

Haglund: We'd wanna know who the mother was. For Langly, that would mean he had sex with Edgar Winter.

Harwood: It would make sense because we go to the same clothing stores.

Braidwood: Imagine what Christmas would be like.

Elderess27: Since the episode "Unusual Suspects" gave some background information on your characters, did that in any way change the way you play them?

Harwood: It totally stressed me out. Now I'm a guy who's been through all this stuff and I have to think about it every time.

Haglund: I thought I did something much cooler before that.

Braidwood: It made us closer. It's great for actors to have more to play...

NetAlien98: Will you guys be possibly writing any future X-Files episodes????

Haglund: No...they have talented writers and nothing is more irritating than actors with their own ideas.

CrayKlaw: Do the three of you enjoy being the "comedy relief" on the X-Files?

All: We love it.

Haglund: I've been trying to play it serious. LOL.

Harwood: We just do the scene.

Bjorkok: Do you guys have any input into your wardrobe? In other words, who gives Frohike such awful clothing?

Braidwood: In the beginning we did. I chose the gloves and vest thing.

Haglund: The T-shirts are strictly writers' decisions and coincide with bands I like.

Harwood: I had a choice of suits for "Unusual Suspects." I tried on three to see which one I liked best.

Sharp32481: What about a crossover, with the Lone Gunmen appearing on Millennium?

Braidwood: There was a show in the second year where it was suggested. There's no reason the gunmen couldn't have visited Seattle.

Haglund: We give off too much light for Millennium.

Apocalypse12345678: Tom, is it true that the writers wanted to kill you off in the episode "Musings of a CSM"?

Braidwood: Yes, it was considered as an option.

Harwood: My heart stopped when I read that in the script. I though Langly and Byers could have been next.

Chinga_Doll: In "EBE" Langly says that he had lunch with the guy who shot JFK. We learn in "Musings of a CSM" that CSM might have shot JFK. So would that mean Langly had lunch with CSM or was the info just fabricated?

Haglund: I was thinking about that....hmmmm.

Braidwood: You never told us you had lunch with him.

Haglund: It could have been...but it wasn't just one gunman....

Julia_Wainwright: We know Mr. Haglund has a web site, does anyone else?

Braidwood and Harwood: Nope.

Braidwood: There's one dedicated to me.

Haglund: I apologize to those who have e-mailed me. It's now a four-month wait for a reply. I have it stored on three computers.

Creason_carbo: Do you get recognized in public a lot?

Braidwood: Ever since the gunmen episode .....we tend to get recognized in the states quite a bit.

Haglund: I don't wear the glasses, so it's a Clark Kent-Superman thing in reverse.

Harwood: They stare at me and ask, "Are you moving to L.A.?"

Haglund: I get that too.....and reply..."Are you moving over to the West End?"

NetAlien98: Dean, will you be touring this summer????

Haglund: Yes I will. Go to my web site and click on the car

ZombieChef: How did you feel about having your origin revealed after keeping it a secret for so long?

All: Fantastic. Real good.

Haglund: It was a surprise to us all.

Harwood: Mulder owes us a lot more now too.

Haglund: Yeah, he buys us the hardware for the place :)

Ruthe_ann: Is it true that the script was typed in red paper so it couldn't be photocopied?

Haglund: And our names stamped on each page.

Harwood: Also numbers on each page.

Rharris513: Are there any character traits you would like to introduce in future episodes?

Haglund: I'd like to show off Langly's skill in the pan flute.

Harwood: Byers plays bongos....

Haglund: I'd like to thank everyone personally for supporting the show and us in particular. Internet fans talking about us is why we became so popular, so we're indebted to you folks on the Internet.

Braidwood: It's a great show and in an odd way it's made better by the continuing support of the fans. They pay attention to the comments of the fans.

Harwood: I've seen the movie...I'm gonna go back and see it again. It's exciting to see something we've worked on up on the big screen.

The Lone Gunmen: Goodnight everyone!

TVGEN: Thanks for joining us tonight, guys. And thank you in the audience for coming by and sending in all your great questions.

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