The Return of Gillian Anderson

Today in (non-Oscar) show business news: Everyone's favorite fake FBI agent might soon be back on American TV, Michael Jackson's son continues his professional development, and Maya Rudolph wants to do a variety show.

Brace yourself, nerds: Your beloved Agent Scully may be returning to American series television. Yes, Gillian Anderson, who fled to England after The X-Files ended and has only returned to our shores for the odd installment Masterpiece Theater or indie movie, has signed on to costar in an NBC pilot. Funnily enough, the show is about an FBI agent, but alas, Anderson isn't playing her. Rachael Taylor, late of 666 Park Avenue, will be playing that role, while Anderson is her estranged sister, the CEO of a huge conglomerate. The two reunite when Anderson's daughter is kidnapped along with the president's son, all of which brings in a Secret Service agent who's having one hell of a first day on the job. So it's a busy, complicated Washington action thriller that's also "emotionally charged." Which is good, because it would be weird if people were running around trying to find their daughter/niece and the president's son and were just like "Eh." The situation should be charged with emotions. Anyway, welcome back to TV, Gillian Anderson! Guess houses in the Cotswolds don't pay for themselves.

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