"X Files" Star David Duchovny Interview: What He Knows Now About Turning 50 and How to Feel Great

David Duchovny on turning 50, what he knows now and tips on how to feel great


DAVID DUCHOVNY, star of "Californication" and the new film "Phantom"

There is no one nicer and smarter than actor David Duchovny who starred for nine seasons on "The X Files" and now has a new submarine thriller out Friday called "Phantom." Now that he has (unbelievably) hit the big 5-Oh, I asked what he knows now and how to feel great at any age.

He knows not to fret about age and the number on his driver's license.

David says, "When you're an actor, people talk to you about your age. They talk about it so much that they're kind of used to it.  So, I knew that the big 50th birthday was coming. I knew it for the last ten years. So, you can't focus on the numbers."

He knows that you have to manage your feelings about 50.

David says, "At first, I got a little bummed out when I started to feel like 50. I didn't really care about looking 50, but I don't like to feel those 50 feelings. You just have to get over it. You have to make fun of it."

He knows a sense of humor is a must.

David says, "If I'm tired, I want to go to bed at 6:45 and I haven't even had dinner yet. Now I understand the concept of an early bird special!"

He knows the perks of hitting the milestone birthday.

David says, "We have wisdom, which is good. And without bragging about it this generation is a lot younger 50 than previous ones. We take care of ourselves better. We know how to feel good physically. So now you have the physical and combine it with the wisdom, which is a good thing."

He knows how to really live with your limitations.

David says, "When I was younger, I wish someone would have said, 'You're not going to become a pro basketball player. I figured that out when I didn't start for the college team. Then I said, 'Hmmmm.' So you have to figure out how to move on and you do with age."

He knows what he would tell his younger self.

David says, "I'd tell my younger self to relax and not make up my mind so quickly. Life is going to happen. You're going to get swept up in my career. I'd also tell myself that all the years are so precious. When you're young you should live your life without definition, which is scary. I guarantee when you're 40, you're going to look back and say, 'I wish I would have enjoyed it more and relaxed more."

He knows what he will tell another midlifer.

David says, "My main thing is not to worry so much."

He knows the ultimate great thing about 50.

David says, "With the aging of the body comes the aging of the mind and the soul gets smarter, too. That's a good deal even if you are in bed at 7."

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