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Beneath the surface with David Duchovny of ‘Phantom’

You don’t need to sneak your way into the ancient “X Files.” David Duchovny is an open book when you ask him a highly personal question: Why is it that the gossip always had him feuding with his TV co-star Gillian Anderson? “You tell me why,” Duchovny says with a laugh during a phone interview from his New York home. “We’re great friends. In fact, last year the tabloids had us living together, so maybe we turned the corner. “Some guy passed me on the streets the other day and actually said, ‘Is it true? Are you living with Gillian?&rsquo ... [Continua a leggere]

"X Files" Star David Duchovny Interview: What He Knows Now About Turning 50 and How to Feel Great

David Duchovny on turning 50, what he knows now and tips on how to feel great

WHAT DO YOU KNOW NOW THAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW AT 20? DAVID DUCHOVNY, star of "Californication" and the new film "Phantom" There is no one nicer and smarter than actor David Duchovny who starred for nine seasons on "The X Files" and now has a new submarine thriller out Friday called "Phantom." Now that he has (unbelievably) hit the big 5-Oh, I asked what he knows now and how to feel great at any age. He knows not to fret about age and the number on his driver's license. David says, "When you're an actor, people talk to you about your age. They talk about it so much that they're kind of used to ... [Continua a leggere]

'D' is for Duchovny, and now Director

The D stands for Dear Old Friends. David Duchovny got a call from one of those last weekend."I pick up my cell phone and it's a very familiar voice I haven't heard in over a year," says the actor, who makes his directorial debut in the film "House of D," which opens Friday. Yes, the former Agent Fox Mulder of "The X Files" was again listening to the mellow tones of Agent Dana Scully.She was not on the line to report an alien attack in the City of Angels."Gillian Anderson was in Los Angeles and she caught my movie," Duchovny says. "She wanted to call to say she really loved it and that meant so ... [Continua a leggere]



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