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‘X-Files’ boosts FBC ratings, picks up momentum globally

Last year, Twentieth Television’s new “The X-Files” turned international heads at the Los Angeles Screenings, four months before the show even premiered to U.S. audiences. Since then, the show has caught on in such international territories as Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Spain, and has built into a Friday night ratings power for FBC. The key to the show’s success, its creators say, is its blend of fact-based “weird science” and the universal fright appeal of the unknown. “There are some really creepy episodes of this show that get under ... [Continua a leggere]

Chat with The X-Stars, from AOL

OnlineHost: Copyright 1994 America Online, Inc. All rights reserved. OnlineHost: Center Stage is the largest gathering place on the service, bringing celebrity guests right into your home, and offering a host of entertainment events led by a team of talented emcees. It's capable of accommodating hundreds of guests an d is truly the showplace of the service. OnlineHost: Experiment with the menu. You'll find many powerful options including one which permits you to interact with other members present in the Auditorium. The interaction "rows" text is prefaced by a number shown in parentheses: (1 ... [Continua a leggere]

Interview with Chris Carter

Somehow it’s only fitting that Chris Carter, the 38-year-old creator and executive producer of Fox’s The “X-Files”, should be, well, slightly X-centric. Emerging from the sci-fi show’s Vancouver, B.C., office after another 18-hour day, the blond, 5,11″ Carter looks dazed in his wrinkled cotton shirt and faded jeans. The seven-day-a-week production grind, he says, is “hellish and grueling… like being chased by wild coyotes.” Or perhaps by werewolves, vampires, pyro-kinetic arsonists and shape-shifting aliens – the usual suspects inve ... [Continua a leggere]



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