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Gillian Anderson Battles Robot Overlords

With help from Grabbers' Jon Wright

Director Jon Wright delivered a blast of pure horror comedy fun late last year with Grabbers. While he was doing the press rounds for the drink-soaked tentacle terror, he talked up his next project, sci-fi adventure Our Robot Overlords. We’re still waiting to hear if Calculon has accepted an offer to play one of the villains, but thanks to Screen Daily, we do know Gillian Anderson and Ben Kingsley are on board. With $21 million to play with this time, Wright is in pre-production on the film, which takes place three years after a robot invasion of the planet. Everyone in the world is con ... [Continua a leggere]

Embankment boards Wyatt's Birdsong, Serkis' Animal Farm; Gillian Anderson on sci-fi

X Files star attached to Our Robot Overlords as UK sales outfit Embankment Films builds on prestige slate ahead of the EFM.

UK sales outfit Embankment Films continues to attract high level projects to its year-old slate, with new additions including Rupert Wyatt’s adaptation of Sebastian Faulks’ acclaimed novel Birdsong and Andy Serkis’ 3D imagining of the Orwell classic Animal Farm, with a script from Caroline Thompson (Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas). The outfit’s $21m-budgeted sci-fi Our Robot Overlords, one of the buzz titles at AFM in November, now has Gillian Anderson and Sir Ben Kingsley attached. The film will mark Anderson’s first sci-fi project outside o ... [Continua a leggere]



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