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Creator of The X-Files Chris Carter receives VIFF award

The popular 90s show put Vancouver on the radar for television production

It was Vancouver's deep, dark forests that brought the television series The X-Files to the city for five seasons. "There were forest scenes in the pilot of The X-Files, and we came up simply for the forests," said creator Chris Carter, laughing. "[Lead actor] David Duchovny says it was two weeks that turned into five years." The hit television show had a profound impact on Vancouver's production scene, making the city a go-to location for television and film productions. Carter is being recognized for The X-Files' contribution to that growth with an Industry Builder Award from the ... [Continua a leggere]

X-Files creator Chris Carter calls Vancouver 'perfect place' to film reboot

Shooting for the new X-Files, starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, begins in B.C. this June

Chris Carter, creator of the X-Files, can't wait to start shooting the series reboot in Vancouver this summer. The paranormal sci-fi series, which always insisted that "the truth is out there," will get a six-episode run on TV next year, Fox announced last month. Stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, who played FBI agents Mulder and Scully, will reprise their roles. Carter will be in Vancouver on Wednesday as the special guest for an industry celebration of National Canadian Film Day, organized by the Vancouver International Film Festival. He spoke to The Early Edition's Ric ... [Continua a leggere]

The title is out there for upcoming X-Files film

The cloak and dagger operation over the title of the next X-Files movie is over. After months of refusing to reveal the name of the film, shot this spring in Vancouver, creator Chris Carter revealed Tuesday it will be called The X-Files: I Want to Believe. "I Want to Believe" is a slogan on a poster in the basement office of Fox Mulder, one of the two lead characters in the original TV series, which was cancelled six years ago. Original cast members David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are reprising their roles as FBI agents chasing the supernatural in the movie, th ... [Continua a leggere]



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