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Gillian Anderson 'I let go of things I cannot control'

Copertina Psychologies

Mother, actress, rebel and chilli-chocolate enthusiast Gillian Anderson explains why - at last - she has reached a point in her life where she can relax.

When Gillian Anderson was 24, she was busy carving out a successful career as a theatre actress. Then a script for a new drama about supernatural conspiracies landed in her lap. Having sworn she'd never do a TV show, she fell in love with sceptical FBI agent Dana Scully and took the role, expecting it to run for a few episodes. The X-Files took off in a way no one could have imagined, catapulting Anderson and co-star David Duchovny to worldwide fame. There were awards, adulation and 'sexiest woman' accolades. The enormous success of the show caused a tabloid frenzy, with exposes claiming Ander ... [Continua a leggere]



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