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Kevin and Bean: Interview with Chris Carter

This is a transcript of the interview that Chris Carter did on the L.A. radio station KROQ. The morning show hosts are Kevin and Bean.

K: 8:27…Our favorite TV show,(x-files theme in the background) as you know is the X-files. It’s on tonight on FOX, uhhh…9 o’clock, channel 11? B: Correct.. K: Our friend Chris Carter on the telephone now…producer, creator director…behind the scenes pulling the strings guy, writer…Chris, good morning. CC: Good morning. K: You know Chris, we were…Geez, what are you the voice of God? B: ‘Good morning’(mocking Chris’ deep voice) K: We ahhh, were much more impressed with you Chris, when ya’ know we met you ... [Continua a leggere]



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