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Interview with Gillian Anderson

Scully speaks! All right, Gillian Anderson speaks, which in our estimation is every bit as good. Defying TV stereotypes, Anderson — by her own account neither leggy nor chesty and not given to the wearing of skimpy apparel — has become the thinking fan's sex symbol and costar of what may be the most hotly anticipated movie of the summer (forget about that big iguana!). Rumors about the X-Files movie are flying thick and fast (which is, of course, only as it should be), but TVGEN has the actress's own words on such weighty topics as hair delinquency, icky stuff and the smooch that launched a thousand e-mails.

SHEP: How does the X-Files movie balance the expectations of die-hard fans and the need to explain stuff for moviegoers who haven't been following the show since day one? GILLIAN: That was one of the challenges that Chris [Carter, series creator] had from the beginning, to create a movie that did not talk down to our existing audience and also one that was watchable and enjoyable to people that had never seen the show before.That's something I really feel that he has done with this movie. I think that it'll be incredibly exciting for avid fans of the show who know every last de ... [Continua a leggere]



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