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Gillian Anderson Sizzles In Plunging Neckline In Rome

Gillian Anderson al RFF2012 #27

Agent Mulder is going to drop his jaw when he sees Scully, aka actress Gillian Anderson, in this ultra-sexy gown. Anderson, 44, snaked onto the red carpet for the "Great Expectations" premiere during the 2012 RomaFictionFest in Rome, Italy, in a long black frock with green and orange stripes around the neckline, paired with a simple black clutch and practically no jewelry. The actress, who recently split from her partner Mark Griffiths, has been rumored to be cozying up to her old "X-Files" co-star David Duchovny. She's also been launching a career comeback, appearing in BBC miniseries and i ... [Continua a leggere]



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