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Joe & Michael Want To Believe In The X-Files

Joe Harris and Michael Walsh were tapped to be the creative team for IDW's The X-Files Season 10. It is a gig they are taking very seriously. The legions of fans who "believe" are watching, and both men take that responsibility seriously. In this PREVIEWSworld exclusive interview, Joe Harris and Michael Walsh lay out their approach to working with Chris Carter's legacy, and where they think it will take them.

PREVIEWSworld: The X-Files Season 10 #1 kicks off an ongoing series that picks up where the TV show left off. How much of the previous 9 seasons were you both familiar with, or did it involve all-night Roku-streaming or DVD-watching marathons to get up to speed? Did you approach doing this series first as fans, or as creators? Joe Harris: I'm a huge fan of the original series and watched just about every episode during the first run. Many lonely teenage Friday nights during those early seasons for me.  Once IDW reached out to me about potentially taking on this series, though, I did ... [Continua a leggere]



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