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The magnificent Anderson

As the conspiracy geek's preferred pin-up, she was a global star at 24. But, after 10 years on The X Files, she was aching to return to normality... Now, with a nomination for her incandescent performance in Bleak House at tonight's Baftas, that's hardly likely. Here, Gillian Anderson shares dessert and divorce stories with Harriet Lane.

Will she, won't she? I'm half-expecting Gillian Anderson not to show. Two days before we meet for lunch her lawyers released a statement confirming that, after 16 months, her second marriage is over. In her shoes, I'd probably decide that lunch in a Notting Hill restaurant with wrapround plate-glass windows - let alone with a journalist - wouldn't be that high on my list of priorities.Five minutes tick by; 10, 20. Then the door is opening and a tiny person in big sunglasses is hurrying up to the table and saying hullo. 'Is it OK if we sit over here?' she asks and, without waiting for an answer ... [Continua a leggere]



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