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'Life is short. Follow your heart'

Her career may seem endless, but Gillian Anderson isn't taking anything for granted. Here, she muses on ageing, sexism and her current co-star, a certain Jamie 'Fifty Shades' Dornan.

Gillian Anderson's six-year-old son Felix recently walked into a room in their Wiltshire home carrying a box-set of The X-Files he had found. 'He pointed at it and said, "Is that you?" and I said, "Yeah", 'Anderson recalls. 'He was like, "Oh" and put it back in the drawer.'She laughs, delighted by the fact her son could be so unimpressed by the television phenomenon that made hers mother a star in the 199os. These days, Anderson, 46, is no longer defined by her nine-year stint as special agent Dana Scully on the sci-fi series. Since her glorious turn as DSl Stella Gibson in the BBC's hit crime ... [Continua a leggere]



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