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Sweet Mr. Mulder

In House of D, newbie director David Duchovny looks to his Greenwich Village childhood for answers. Is the truth out there?

After the short-lived career as a graffiti artist but before the long-lived career in which he pretended to be an FBI agent chasing UFOs, David Duchovny worked as a bartender. This had some unintended consequences, like the time he ran down the street shirtless, pursued by a man with a knife.As we cross Fifth Avenue, Duchovny points out the spot, at the corner of 13th Street. It was a hot summer day, circa 1979, and when Duchovny came in to work to prepare his station, he took off his shirt before slicing the limes. “The chef was a real martinet. He said it was against the law to be hand ... [Continua a leggere]

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Chris Carter is the man behind the creepiest shows on TV: The X-Files and Millennium. Gavin Edwards crawls inside his nightmares.

Chris Carter is picking a murder weapon. He knows a lot about death and its tools, like how Glock handguns are growing more popular with detectives, or how it can be hard to tear off pieces of duct tape when you are trying to suffocate a victim quickly. But when he selects a weapon, he puts all that information aside for one consideration: how it looks. He doesn’t bother to handle the axes or the scythe, doesn’t test their weight, or experiment with how they feel in his right hand. He makes his choices quickly, collecting a pile of hand axes and a gun for good measu ... [Continua a leggere]



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