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Agent Scullery

Gillian Anderson put up with fearsome monsters and Canadian winters for The X Files — then said she wouldn't do TV again. How did a BBC period drama change her mind?

Gillian Anderson's fan mail recently took on a pleading tone. Dear Gillian, implored the letters and cards from all over the world, when can we see you again on screen or on stage? Where have you been?The BBC, which wanted the 37-year-old actress badly for a plum role in a blockbuster serial, wasn't even sure where she was. There were 85 parts to cast, pronto, and if Anderson was on another continent, ensconced within an overprotective cordon of publicists and minders, it might take too long to reach her. "We didn't believe for one second we'd be able to get through to her," says Nigel Staffor ... [Continua a leggere]



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