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E! Online Chat with Gillian Anderson

It looked like you got beat up pretty badly making this movie.No, not too badly. I got dragged through some stuff, but I don't think any of it was so uncomfortable that I...well, maybe I'll take that back. It becomes very technical when you're in the middle of it--all about the head position and when to let the goop out of your mouth. What was the goop?Some kind of gelatin in water. Not nice. Sounds like just another day at work for you. Were there many noticeable differences between shooting the movie and making the TV series?The thing that stands out the most is the amount of time it ... [Continua a leggere]

Mr. Showbiz Interview with Gillian Anderson

Is there any risk doing an X-Files movie? There is no risk here. There's a challenge for [screenwriters] Chris [Carter] and Frank [Spotnitz] to come up with a script that appealed to a pre- existing audience and the audience that had never seen the series before. In that sense it's a risk for them and the studio. For me, I was very happy with what I saw. I'm excited about it. Being invaded by an alien virus and turned into a human host looks pretty gross for poor Scully in the picture. How was it being stuck in that sarcophagus? It wasn't fun. I'd rather not do it ... [Continua a leggere]



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