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Un panel per il ventesimo anniversario di X-Files al Comic-Con

Se siete fan di X-Files e non avete deciso ancora dove andare in vacanza quest’estate, poche altre destinazioni potrebbero battere San Diego. Durante la cornice del prossimo Comic-Con, la città californiana ospiterà un evento per celebrare il ventesimo anniversario della serie di fantascienza più famosa e amata di sempre. Il panel sì terrà giovedì 18 luglio e coinvolgerà l’ideatore Chris Carter e gli sceneggiatori/produttori David Amann, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, John Shiban e Jim Wong. Anche se non c ... [Continua a leggere]

The X-Files 20th Anniversary Blogging: "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" (October 13, 1995)

“Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” brings a new philosophy to The X-Files, straight from one-of-a-kind writer Darin Morgan (“Humbug.”) Previously, on The X-Files, we have seen commentary about belief vs. skepticism, and religion vs. science. However, this episode introduces to the series the concept of caustic, cynical nihilism; the notion that life is without intrinsic purpose or value, and perhaps even absurd to its core. In a series that often concerns faith, commitment, truth, and “never giving up,” this (brief) turn towards nihilism nonetheless -- ... [Continua a leggere]

X-Files festeggerà il 20esimo anniversario al Comic-Con

In vista del 20esimo anniversario, che cade il 10 settembre 2013, quest’anno anche X-Files avrà un panel al Comic-Con, per l’occasione moderato da TvGuide. L’evento si terrà giovedì 18 luglio e vedrà coinvolti il creatore Chris Carter assieme agli sceneggiatori e produttori David Amann, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, John Shiban e Jim Wong. Il sito ufficiale di Gillian Anderson riporta che l’ex protagonista della serie sarà presente, anche se nella lista di TvGuide, al momento, il suo nome e quello di David ... [Continua a leggere]

The X-Files 20th Anniversary Reunion Panel Set for Comic-Con

The truth is still out there...

It’s hard to believe, but The X-Files premiered 20 years ago this September. As it turns out, to celebrate the show reaching this milestone, there will be a big reunion panel next month at San Diego Comic-Con. gave us the heads up about The X-Files reunion, noting that the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine has an ad for the panel, which will take place on Thursday, July 18th and will feature series creator Chris Carter and writer/producers David Amann, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, John Shiban and Jim Wong. The X-Files’ writers have been a ... [Continua a leggere]

COMMENTARY TRACK: Joe Harris on "X-Files: Season 10" #1

IDW Publishing brought Agents Mulder and Scully, two of sci-fi's most iconic characters, out of retirement this week with the release of "The X-Files: Season 10" #1 by writer Joe Harris and artist Michael Walsh. The new ongoing series picks up the characters' story several years after the finale of the cult TV show that lasted for nine seasons before ending in 2002. "X-Files: Season 10" follows in the footsteps of other cancelled TV shows that have seen their lives renewed and extended via popular comic runs like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel," featuring original, in-continuity ta ... [Continua a leggere]

The X-Files 20th Anniversary Blogging: ''Our Town'' (May 12, 1995)

I’ve written about this idea before in specific relation to an earlier season two entry, “The Host,” but The X-Files strikes me as one of the most potent horror series in television history because it often deals at point-blank range with the underneath “sausage-making” of our industrial, technological, late-20th century culture. In terms of “The Host,” the entire episode spawned an uncomfortable awareness of what happens when you flush the toilet. Where does the waste go? What happens to it? How is it treated? How is it disposed? And finally, what ... [Continua a leggere]

The X-Files: Season 10 #1 - Believers, Part 1 (of 5) Review

There have been X-Files comics in the past but this one will make you believe the characters can live on beyond the television show.

The Good It wasn't until I heard the announcement of this series that I realized how much I missed the series. With Joe Harris joined by Chris Carter, the show's creator, you know it will be true to the feel of the show. The show dealt with FBI Agent Fox Mulder and his quest to find the answers to the unknown and paranormal field. He believed his sister was abducted when they were young. His crusade resulted with him in charge of the X-Files in the basement of the FBI building. He investigated the strange and paranormal cases. Dana Scully was brought on to try to debunk the cases. Things pro ... [Continua a leggere]

Review: THE X-FILES: SEASON 10 #1

Written by Joe Harris and Chris Carter
Art by Michael Walsh
Release Date: June 19, 2013

It’s natural to approach a new X-Filescomic with questions, and after reading the first issue of “Season 10,” there are some I can help with and some that I can’t. Would a “Season 10″ pick up where season 9 left off, or maybe the 2008 film? (Has it really been that long since “I Want To Believe” was released? And, in retrospect, doesn’t that really sound like the title of a Journey song?) Will the series focus on Mulder and Scully, or Doggett and Reyes? (Yeah, right.) Will the focus be on the extended, interconnected “mythology” ... [Continua a leggere]

The X-Files Season 10: Trust No One (Except Joe Harris)

“Previously on The X-Files… For years, FBI agent Fox Mulder and Dana Scully toiled in the X-Files Unit, a one-office division of the Bureau dealing with cases deemed unsolvable and related to unexplained phenomena. During their investigations, Mulder, the “believer,” and Scully, the “skeptic,” delved into the occult, religion, urban legends, conspiracy theories, UFOs, alien abductions, and genetic engineering. Eventually, both agents left the FBI and began a new life together in peaceful anonymity, which endured until today…” It’s bee ... [Continua a leggere]

The X Files, nella decima stagione (versione fumetto) si parlerà della cospirazione aliena

Lo sapevate che The X Files avrà una decima stagione in versione fumetto? Come già Buffy e Smallville, anche la celebre serie della FOX con protagonisti gli agenti dell’FBI Mulder e Scully proseguirà la sua narrazione su carta, e contrariamente a quanto fatto nei film e nei fumetti precedenti, verrà ripresa una delle tematiche forti dello show, ossia le bugie del governo americano sull’esistenza degli alieni. La notizia di un ritorno di X Files in versione fumetto ha cominciato a circolare ad aprile, quando IDW Publishing, colosso americano nel settore ... [Continua a leggere]

Ready To Believe Again? ‘X-Files’ Is Back – With Exclusive Art Read more: Ready To Believe Again? ‘X-Files’ Is Back – With Exclusive Art

The truth is out there? Ha!

For “X-Files” fans, it seemed like some of the show’s greatest mysteries would remain unsolved. Like whatever happened to that alien colonization plan? Did they just give up? Is Scully’s baby going to save the world? And did no one else really notice that giant spaceship taking off from Antarctica? The series finale, in 2002, was a little vague. And the second movie, “The X-Files: I Want to Believe,” didn’t deal with the show’s mythology at all. Dammit — the cornfields, the bees, the oil. Will the Smoking Man ever get a novel published? ... [Continua a leggere]

Joe & Michael Want To Believe In The X-Files

Joe Harris and Michael Walsh were tapped to be the creative team for IDW's The X-Files Season 10. It is a gig they are taking very seriously. The legions of fans who "believe" are watching, and both men take that responsibility seriously. In this PREVIEWSworld exclusive interview, Joe Harris and Michael Walsh lay out their approach to working with Chris Carter's legacy, and where they think it will take them.

PREVIEWSworld: The X-Files Season 10 #1 kicks off an ongoing series that picks up where the TV show left off. How much of the previous 9 seasons were you both familiar with, or did it involve all-night Roku-streaming or DVD-watching marathons to get up to speed? Did you approach doing this series first as fans, or as creators? Joe Harris: I'm a huge fan of the original series and watched just about every episode during the first run. Many lonely teenage Friday nights during those early seasons for me.  Once IDW reached out to me about potentially taking on this series, though, I did ... [Continua a leggere]

[Interview] Joe Harris On ‘X-Files’ Season 10

Special Agents Mulder and Scully are finally back this week as IDW Publishing launches the first issue of “X-Files” Season 10 from writer Joe Harris and artist Michael Walsh. The “X-Files” is one of the most beloved sci-fi TV series of all time, so you can imagine the pressure hanging over Harris and Walsh right now, but rest assured these two are just as big of fans as anyone else. I spoke to series writer Joe Harris about some of their plans for Season 10, working with Chris Carter, and the plans for a new season after a decade off air. Bloody-disgusting: Fans have ... [Continua a leggere]

Preview: The X-Files Season 10 #1

Story byJoe Harris, Chris CarterArt byMichael WalshColors byJordie BellaireLetters byRobbie RobbinsCover byCarlos ValenzuelaPublisherIDWCover Price:$3.99Release DateWed, June 19th, 2013   For years they investigated the paranormal, pursued the “monsters of the week,” and sought the truth behind extraterrestrial activity, along with the grand conspiracy surrounding it rooted deep within their own government. But when AGENTS MULDER and SCULLY reunite for a new, ongoing series that ushers THE X-FILES into a new era of technological paranoia, multinational concerns and otherworl ... [Continua a leggere]

Gillian Anderson: The Fall girl who never bowed to Hollywood demands

Given her big break in The X-Files despite studio objections, Gillian Anderson has enjoyed a slow-burning career with her latest BBC role paving the way for more television success

Steely, but with an underlying softness. A woman to make men weak, but also a feminist who values female company. Engaging, but ultimately a little cool and enigmatic. All could apply equally to Gillian Anderson or DSI Stella Gibson, the detective she plays in the BBC2 drama The Fall. If they're a good fit for each other, it's no coincidence. Allan Cubitt, the creator of the series, started writing the screenplay in 2010 with Anderson in mind, long before she had been approached. "I just thought she was the best person to play the part as I had conceived it," he says. He sent her the first ... [Continua a leggere]



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