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The X-Files Uncovered - Subject: Gillian Anderson

Rolling Stone ISSUE 734

Petite and unimposing in person, Gillian Anderson has a huge and unusually believable presence on screen. Perhaps that explains why fans have sent mail for her to the FBI, which forwards it on her. Anderson, 27, grew up in so many places -including Puerto Rico, London, Grand Rapids, Mich.- that you wonder what her parents did for a living. " They were circus geeks" she says, showing more of a sense of humor than Scully. (Actually, her father runs a film post-production company, and her mother is a computer analyst.) A former punk-rock lover, Anderson studied acting at DePaul University's Good ... [Continua a leggere]

The X-Files Uncovered - Subject: Chris Carter

Rolling Stone ISSUE 734

As we talk in the mysteriously small office on the Fox lot in Los Angeles, Chris Carter is surrounded by a library that includes Dolphins, ETs and Angels, Conversation with Nostradamus, Cosmic Top Secret, UFO: The Continuing Enigma and perhaps the scariest book of all - The Bridges off Madison County. Carter grew up in Bellflower, Calif. He started surfing at 12, and after he graduated from California State University at Long Beach, he worked as an editor at Surfing magazine for 13 years. With the encouragement of his future wife, screenwriter Dori Pierson, Carter started writing screenplays ... [Continua a leggere]

The X-Files Uncovered - Subject: David Duchovny

Rolling Stone ISSUE 734

EVEN IF HE DID LOOSE TO STEPHEN KING ON Celebrity Jeopardy! last year, David Duchovny remains one smart cookie. How many TV hunks do you know who went to Princeton, then grad school at Yale, and started a doctoral thesis titled Magic and Technology in Contemporary American Fiction and Poetry? The 35-year old Duchovny grew up middle-class and "half-Jewish,half-Scotish" on Manhattan's Lower East Side. His father -who wrote such books as David Ben-Gurion in His Own words and The Wisdom of Spiro T. Agnew- and his mother, a schoolteacher, divorced when he was 11. David earned a scholarship to Coll ... [Continua a leggere]

The X-Files Uncovered

Rolling Stone ISSUE 734

The truth about "The X-Files" is in here. At least I hope so. If I seem confused, suspicious or even full-out paranoid, trust me -I have reasons. From the moment I fearlessly choose to accept this assignment, strange things started happening. Unexplained things. Totally paranormal shit. First, how can I explain away the phenomenon of finding myself entranced by a show that I -and much of the Western world- initially dismissed as goofy, spooky kids' stuff? After all, The X-Files was a series that even the Fox network considered less promising than "The adventures of Brisco County Jr." The cast ... [Continua a leggere]



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