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Change agent

A far cry from the cool Dana Scully who made her famous, Gillian Anderson speaks with Michael Lallo about her new film, her transatlantic upbringing and how acting saved her.

Gillian Anderson was backstage at Wembley Stadium, waiting to address the crowd at a memorial concert for Diana, when Victoria Beckham walked past. Having noticed that Beckham's collar was up, she reached out and flattened it, thinking she was doing the fashion-conscious Posh a favour. ''And you should have seen the look she shot me,'' Anderson laughs, burying her face in her hands. ''Other than the fact I destroyed her look, I also freaked her out because I did it from behind. Now, I try not to be helpful any more, especially where fashion is concerned.'' Sitting by a top-floor w ... [Continua a leggere]



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