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David Duchovny reveals why The X-Files drove him and Gillian Anderson crazy

For nine years, 202 episodes and most of the 1990s, Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigated paranormal phenomenon in The X-Files. To that list can be added unidentified flying objects, unexplained events, real-world monsters and a complex government conspiracy involving aliens and the abduction of Mulder's sister. By the time filming of the series finished in 2002, Duchovny says he and Anderson were a little crazy. "I think what happens is when you're doing a show like we did and there aren't that many of them, but you're talking about eight or nine years ... [Continua a leggere]

Change agent

A far cry from the cool Dana Scully who made her famous, Gillian Anderson speaks with Michael Lallo about her new film, her transatlantic upbringing and how acting saved her.

Gillian Anderson was backstage at Wembley Stadium, waiting to address the crowd at a memorial concert for Diana, when Victoria Beckham walked past. Having noticed that Beckham's collar was up, she reached out and flattened it, thinking she was doing the fashion-conscious Posh a favour. ''And you should have seen the look she shot me,'' Anderson laughs, burying her face in her hands. ''Other than the fact I destroyed her look, I also freaked her out because I did it from behind. Now, I try not to be helpful any more, especially where fashion is concerned.'' Sitting by a top-floor w ... [Continua a leggere]

What the Dickens

When the long-running alien conspiracy drama The X Files ended in 2002 after nine years, its flame-haired star Gillian Anderson was at a professional crossroads. Her success on American TV, as the cool, adroit FBI special agent Dana Scully, made her a household name. Greater things should have followed. In the eyes of casting directors, however, she was a square peg in a city of round holes. "It is a particular dilemma," Anderson says. "With someone like Jennifer Aniston, who was on television for a long time playing a specific character, what she has to offer in Friends is easily translatable ... [Continua a leggere]

X-files star goes to war

Former X-Files star Gillian Anderson has acquired the feature film rights to Gellhorn: A Twentieth-Century Life by Caroline Moorehead. She aims to star in the movie about one of the first female war correspondents, according to Variety today. Martha Gellhorn (1908-1998) was an American-born author and journalist who became one of the first female war correspondents. She covered the major international conflicts of her lifetime, from the Spanish Civil War to Vietnam to the Cold War. Her second husband was Ernest Hemingway, but the pressures of working in a male-dominated field led to their ... [Continua a leggere]

Chris Carter Interview

How did the episode I visited turn out? Revelations, it was called. It actually turned out really well. It was one of the favorite episodes this year. You were locked up writing last week when we were supposed to talk. I think every week it’s safe to say I’m locked up writing. How much of the series are you doing? I have my name on seven of the first 15 for this year. And I do a fair amount of rewriting past that. So I do, I would say, more than the lion’s share. Is writing the heart of the job for you? It is. Everything springs from that but there are numerou ... [Continua a leggere]



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