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Straightheads sex scenes left Gillian Anderson cold

London, August 29: Former X-Files star Gillian Anderson has revealed that filming the sex scenes in her latest movie were not a piece of cake at all. The 39-year-old recently divulged that the love scenes in 'Straightheads', a thriller filmed in the Midlands, almost crumbled.Anderson had to make love with screen lover Danny Dyer in a car parked in Shropshire, but the actress said that the extreme cold kept them from doing things according to the plan."The scene was filmed in the dead of night, with all the crew standing around with fires to keep us warm. The sides of my dress needed to be stuc ... [Continua a leggere]

More X-rated than X Files

Effing, blinding (two swear words a minute) and flirting for Crouch End, Gillian Anderson could not be less like her chilly screen persona, Kevin Maher discovers

In a tiny trailer, in a clearing in a cold and wet Worcestershire forest, Gillian Anderson is swearing like a docker. “Movies should be whatever the f*** they are!” says the 38-year-old actress and one-time TV icon from The X Files. “If they are f****** disturbing, then let them be f***** disturbing!” Anderson in the flesh, impassioned and excitable, in black overcoat and blonde hair, is an arresting expletive-spewing inversion of a screen persona that often tends towards self-possessed froideur. She is here facing her final week’s work on the thriller Straighthea ... [Continua a leggere]



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