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Gillian Anderson: ‘I always look long-term at relationships – as long as there is a back door’

She has a reputation for being aloof (which she denies), complicated relationships (with both sexes) and an onscreen chemistry with her X-Files co-star (that still has fans guessing). Who is the real Gillian Anderson?

Ask Gillian Anderson a simple question and you get a simple answer. For example, why – after a quarter of a century playing Agent Dana Scully – is she now leaving The X-Files? “Because.” She leaves the single word hanging in the air. It is a complete sentence, not the beginning of one. She softens the finality of it with a quirky, lopsided smile. This is Anderson to a T – accountable to no one, enigmatic, slightly abrasive, yet captivating and very likeable. So there you have it, the inside story: “Because.” Filling in the gaps around this word, ... [Continua a leggere]

More X-rated than X Files

Effing, blinding (two swear words a minute) and flirting for Crouch End, Gillian Anderson could not be less like her chilly screen persona, Kevin Maher discovers

In a tiny trailer, in a clearing in a cold and wet Worcestershire forest, Gillian Anderson is swearing like a docker. “Movies should be whatever the f*** they are!” says the 38-year-old actress and one-time TV icon from The X Files. “If they are f****** disturbing, then let them be f***** disturbing!” Anderson in the flesh, impassioned and excitable, in black overcoat and blonde hair, is an arresting expletive-spewing inversion of a screen persona that often tends towards self-possessed froideur. She is here facing her final week’s work on the thriller Straighthea ... [Continua a leggere]



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