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David Duchovny

The actor: David Duchovny, who became a star in the ’90s playing an FBI agent investigating the world’s freakiest mysteries on The X-Files. He went on to star in big-budget movies and low-budget indies, often showing a wry sense of humor even when working on the darkest material. He also wrote and directed his own 2004 feature film, House Of D. Duchovny currently stars on the Showtime series Californication as a conflicted writer and serial philanderer; the second season has just been released on DVD, and the third season launches on Showtime later this year. Californication ... [Continua a leggere]

David Duchovny on The TV Set

David Duchovny talks about this film that skewers the television industry

David Duchovny became an icon for movie and TV fans everywhere with his layered acting work as Fox Mulder on the much lauded TV show, The X-Files. However, he is almost unrecognizable in his most recent role as Mike Klein in Jake Kasdan's The TV Set. Wearing a beard and looking heavier than we ever seen him, Duchovny plays a television writer going up against the dreaded network to keep the vision of his show intact. On the eve of its DVD release, we recently sat down with Duchovny to discuss this character as well as The X-Files 2.Did you base any of Mike's experiences on your own experiences ... [Continua a leggere]



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