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XFN Exclusive: Spencer Maybee Interview

The newest guest star to be added to the as yet untitled second X-Files motion picture is none other than writer, producer and actor Spencer Maybee. The Toronto native, who plays the father of terminally ill Christian in the latest installment of the X-Files franchise, charmed the pants of the XFN staff. XFN contributor gunmetal had the opportunity to talk to Maybee about rugby, music and that certain X-Files movie. Additionally, Spencer even provided us with two pictures -- the short haired one is his look for the movie! XFN: What was it like to film at the famously haunted Riverview Hospita ... [Continua a leggere]

Spencer Maybee Talks X-Files 2 and Stargate Arc of Truth

Got some HOT news for you’re here first. I was able to speak with rising actor Spencer Maybee about his work on the pending X-Files movie as well as his experiences as an actor. I want to thank Spencer and Sara for organizing this interview for Skewed and Reviewed. Spencer plays Blair Finch, the working class father of Sefton, a frail 7-year-old boy with a crooked countenance due to illness,around whom the film’s plot revolves.[...]GVK: What was your big break as an actor?SM: [...] Another big highlight for me was working with Chris Carter on the recent X- ... [Continua a leggere]



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