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Cybertalk with Mark Snow

Mark Snow – Cybertalk Transcript

Marksnow96: We’re here with Mark Snow… OnlineHost: An eerie, yet intriguing, melody glides over a shimmering, sinister rhythmic pattern. A familiar sense of anticipation and delightful dread settles in, as one of the most evocative musical themes in television history announces another episode of The X-Files; the latest triumph in the eclectic career of Mark Snow. Marksnow96: Tosend your questions in for Mark Snow, click on the interact icon and send it in!! We are ready to begin! From Mtowns102: Question: Mark, What equiptment do you use in the X-File theme, and how many track ... [Continua a leggere]

Online conference with Chris Carter

HOST: Good evening everyone! I’m Patrizia DiLucchio, your host, and on behalf of People Magazine I’d like to welcome you all here. “The X-Files”, now into its third season has gone from a cult hit for folks in the know to a genuine mainstream phenomenon. Not since Rod Serling has the genuinely macabre drawn such an audience. As the creator, producer and sometimes writer/director of “The X-Files”, Chris Carter deserves the lion’s share of the credit. Welcome Chris! Just type “hi” to reassure me that yr keyboard is working&helli ... [Continua a leggere]

Interview with Chris Carter

INTERVIEWER: Richard Van Syckle, segment producer, c|net television PARTICIPANT: Chris Carter, creator, executive producer, “The X- Files” VAN SYCKLE: To start with, you’ve said that winning the Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Series, you were so stunned that it was sort of an “X-Files” experience in itself. Now that you’ve learned that, has the shock worn off or are you still surprised by success? CARTER: I’m surprised by every day. It’s almost like I haven’t really lifted my head up. I’m still running so hard and just tr ... [Continua a leggere]

Interview with Chris Carter

This is a transcript from Chris’ first appearance on The Gabereau Show (a Vancouver morning talk-show) in May of 1995.

VICKI GABEREAU: Don’t you love it? The X-Files. It’s shot in Vancouver, and watched by a fanatically devoted audience. Chris Carter invented it, and he is the executive producer, he writes it, he edits it, and he often directs it, the list goes on. Your life must have changed dramatically since this show went ballistic… CHRIS CARTER: Personally or professionally? VG: Yes. CC: Either/or? VG They answer your phone calls all day? CC: More readily. It’s hard to say how it’s changed, I’ve become so focused on what I do that my life has only become ... [Continua a leggere]

Kevin and Bean: Interview with Chris Carter

This is a transcript of the interview that Chris Carter did on the L.A. radio station KROQ. The morning show hosts are Kevin and Bean.

K: 8:27…Our favorite TV show,(x-files theme in the background) as you know is the X-files. It’s on tonight on FOX, uhhh…9 o’clock, channel 11? B: Correct.. K: Our friend Chris Carter on the telephone now…producer, creator director…behind the scenes pulling the strings guy, writer…Chris, good morning. CC: Good morning. K: You know Chris, we were…Geez, what are you the voice of God? B: ‘Good morning’(mocking Chris’ deep voice) K: We ahhh, were much more impressed with you Chris, when ya’ know we met you ... [Continua a leggere]

Chris Carter on Delphi

Chris Carter Live on Delphi took place on Friday September 23, 1994 right after the premiere of the episode The Host on the east coast. Chris first answered questions asked by Reaper which we had collected from Delphi members before the floor was opened for questions. The conference lasted over two hours and Chris responded to as many fans as he could before his hands became worn out from typing so much. We thank Chris Carter for his time, and eagerly await his next appearance on Delphi. Here is the transcript of the conference: REAPR: On behalf of all the X-Files fans here on Delphi I would ... [Continua a leggere]

Chat with The X-Stars, from AOL

OnlineHost: Copyright 1994 America Online, Inc. All rights reserved. OnlineHost: Center Stage is the largest gathering place on the service, bringing celebrity guests right into your home, and offering a host of entertainment events led by a team of talented emcees. It's capable of accommodating hundreds of guests an d is truly the showplace of the service. OnlineHost: Experiment with the menu. You'll find many powerful options including one which permits you to interact with other members present in the Auditorium. The interaction "rows" text is prefaced by a number shown in parentheses: (1 ... [Continua a leggere]



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