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Frank Spotnitz - writer and producer

Having worked on The X Files for eight years where he wrote or co-wrote forty episodes, Frank Spotnitz has amassed a colossal body of high profile work, also working on the associated shows Millennium and The Lone Gunmen alongside Harsh Realm and Night Stalker. His new show is Hunted, the explosive new drama from Kudos, the production company behind Spooks, Life on Mars, Hustle and Outcastsamong many others. On Friday 24th August, as part of the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, executive producer Alison Jackson, director SJ Clarkson and Frank attended a screening of the premiere episode at the Edinburgh Filmhouse where they spoke about the international flavour of their ambitious new show, the ambiguous morality of the characters, and the extensive casting search that led them to Melissa George. Afterwards in the bar, Frank was kind enough to spend a few minutes with Geek Chocolate to talk about Hunted and his work on the FBI's most unusual cases.

Geek Chocolate - Hunted is quite a departure for someone who is best known for work focused on the supernatural. It's very hard edged, it's global, cinematic, densely plotted, and it's all your work, all eight episodes. You must be very proud. What was the inspiration?Frank Spotnitz - Well, I wanted to do something in Europe, and I thought a spy series was something that I could do that would be British through and through, but that Americans would watch. The spy genre is actually my favourite genre. It's what I grew up watching, more than anything else, more than science fiction even, spy stu ... [Continua a leggere]

Interview with Chris Carter

If you boast any familiarity with my blog, you probably already know that -- across the last five years -- I have written frequently abut the TV and film productions of Chris Carter and Ten Thirteen Productions.There are many reasons why I find myself continually drawn back to Carter's oeuvre. In broad terms, these reasons involve television history, the artistry of the particular programs, philosophy, and of course, personal taste.Historically speaking, The X-Files and Millennium have grown virtually synonymous with the decade of the 1990s. Carter's programs captured the Zeitgeist of that epo ... [Continua a leggere]

La profezia dell'11 Settembre in un Telefilm

Un nostro lettore ci segnala un fatto curioso che merita decisamente un post. Come molti ricorderanno una delle cose più scioccanti degli orribili attentati dell’11 Settembre 2001 al WTC era quella diffusa sensazione di incredulità di fronte ad un evento assolutamente imprevedibile e inimmaginabile. Forse perchè utilizzata in contesti di guerra e militari, forse perchè erano già passati 50 anni, in pochi avevano notato la somiglianza con la tattica d’attacco degli aviatori giapponesi durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale, i Kamikaze. Ad ogni modo l& ... [Continua a leggere]


Chris Carter, cosa c'è di vero sul nuovo film di X-Files

Dopo le dichiarazioni di Duchovny, che sembrava pronto a girare, Carter getta acqua sul fuoco. Ci si sta lavorando, ma non c'è nulla di definitivo.

Non molto tempo fa David Duchovny in un'intervista che abbiamo riportato anche sul Corriere parlava del secondo film di X-Files come di un progetto che stava quasi per andare in porto.In una recente intervista con Dvd Empire Chris Carter, che sta lavorando al cofanetto della serie spin-off The Lone Gunman, ha detto che il progetto è ancora in fase di trattativa, anche se sembra che ci siano buone possibilità."Non esiste ancora una vera e propria sceneggiatura, ma io e Frank Spotnitz abbiamo lavorato su un soggetto. Anche se a dire il vero ci abbiamo lavorato parecchio tempo fa" h ... [Continua a leggere]

On DVD, 'The Lone Gunmen' Return to Life

Yes, they're dead -- or at least as dead as anyone in "X-Files" creator Chris Carter's universe -- but the conspiracy-hunting, computer-geek trio known as the Lone Gunmen is back on America's TV screens, for the price of a DVD box set, that is.On Tuesday, March 29, 2005, a little more than four years after it premiered on FOX, "The Lone Gunmen," the short-lived "X-Files" spin-off, comes out in a three-disc (using double-sided discs) DVD box set from Fox Home Entertainment.Along with all 13 original episodes -- plus "Jump the Shark," a season-nine "X-Files" episode that concludes the Gunmen's p ... [Continua a leggere]

Chris Carter Interview

Welcome back, Carter.

Since The X-Files left the air back in 2002, little has been seen or heard from the sci-fi scribe who also created such popular cult hits as Millennium, The Lone Gunmen and Harsh Realm. But we were able to catch up with Chris at a hidden location and uncover the secret projects he’s been working on. We got the chance to ask him about the impending release of The Lone Gunmen on DVD, if he had any regrets about the way The X-Files or Millennium ended, and...of the latest scoop on The X-Files 2 movie! DVD Empire: The first question everyone wants to know is what have you been ... [Continua a leggere]



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