L'ispirazione di Gillian Anderson

Primo giorno di riprese di XF2 Done One. Nessuna notizia in merito. :D
L'unica cosa degna di nota che trapela è la location del primo ciak, Homer Street, ovviamente a Vancouver.

Nel frattempo, il sito ufficiale di Gillian Anderson segnala un articolo in cui vari personaggi parlano dei loro inizi come attori e di cosa li ha ispirati ad intraprendere questo lavoro. Di seguito trovate il passaggio che riguarda Gillian.


Creativity: Different stars talk about what inspired them

[...] Gillian Anderson says, “I don’t remember there being a moment when I knew. My mother seems to remember, as mothers do, that it was something I was interested in from very early on. I don’t remember that at all. I do know that when we were living in Michigan there wasn’t any theater at the school I was in but I went for an audition at the community theater for `Alice in Wonderland.’

“It was for the role of Alice and there were probably 200 girls there. And I remember not getting cast and thinking, `This isn’t for me’ ... Years later while I was in high school I got an internship at a theater and made friends with the guy who was the theater director and I told him that story.

“He said, `Hang on a second, were you that British girl?’ I said, `I had a British accent.’ He said, `We came this close to casting you but we didn’t because we’d never seen you before we didn’t know if you’d be able to pull it off. You hadn’t done anything in your life and we went with a girl who’d done productions in this community.’

“I’d also auditioned for another community play just before that and was cast and it changed something in me. I’d always been very rebellious, not a good student, very much into the underground punk scene and stuff like that. And when I did this play and experienced the stage with an audience it transformed me. And all of a sudden, my grades went up, I started to study it was like a piece of the puzzle had been put in.” [...]

FONTE: PopMatters



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