David vince il Golden Globe!

David Duchovny vince il Golden GlobeDavid Duchovny ha vinto il Golden Globe nella categoria BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A TELEVISION SERIES – COMEDY OR MUSICAL per la sua interpretazione di Hank Moody in Californication.

E con questo fanno due (dopo il Globe vinto nel 1997 per X-Files), grande David! :D

Potete vedere a questo indirizzo tutti i vincitori dei Golden Globe.

Di seguito trovate invece alcuni commenti rilasciati alla stampa da David ed un paio di filmati. Nel primo filmato David parla davanti alla telecamera di ET del premio ricevuto, mentre nel secondo interviene telefonicamente nella trasmissione TV Guide Channel.

David Duchovny vince il Golden Globe 2008 per Californication

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FONTE: ETonline

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FONTE: Duchovny.net

[Los Angeles Times] David Duchovny, who scored best actor in a television musical or comedy series for his role as the creatively blocked novelist in the Showtime comedy "Californication," had gone out to see "The Bucket List" to avoid watching the announcement. But he knew he'd won when he saw a flashing message light when he returned to his hotel room in Vancouver, Canada, where he's filming a sequel to "The X Files."
“It sounds silly to say—the nomination was really great, but I really wanted the show to win,” said Duchovny, who got the news from his manager. The actor is in Canada filming the sequel to “The X Files.”
But he added that while there were plenty of Golden Globe winners, “Everyone’s a loser right now. The Golden Globes is a fun night – it’s more fun than the other awards shows. And it’s too bad we didn’t get to have fun. I don’t think there are a lot of tears over it not being televised. But I think there are a lot of tears over people losing money and losing jobs. I just hope that people will come back to the table and get this done.”
LA Times

[Associated Press] David Duchovny on how he learned he had won the Golden Globe for best actor in a TV series, musical or comedy, for "Californication": "I kinda didn't want to watch, it would just make me tense or nervous, so I went out to see a movie at four [o'clock] and I knew I wouldn't be home until it was announced. I knew if my phone was ringing when I walked into my hotel room that I would have won. And it was. Nobody calls a loser."
Associated Press

[Variety] "It's wonderful to be able to accept an award while taking a bath," said David Duchovny, who won comedy actor for Showtime's "Californication." "I hope it's not the last time I get to do that."
Duchovny said he didn't miss the awards-show hoopla.
"That doesn't matter to me at all," he said. "For me, the sadness of this is not the cancellation of an awards showbut it's endemic of the strike in general. There is a work stoppage going on. People are getting laid off, people are losing houses -- this is all what it's all about. It's not about somebody like me who's really lucky, getting up there saying how lucky they are."


Condividi David vince il Golden Globe!

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