Wondercon 2008 - Il Trailer di XF2

July 25, 2008Direttamente dalla convention di Wondercon 2008, il trailer del film!


Dopo il video, il racconto, scena per scena di chi ha visto in diretta il trailer. Inoltre, a questo link potete vedere degli screenshot ingranditi del trailer.


I'm gonna do my best to describe the Trailer if I can get my hands to stop shaking enough

-- First we see a fairly close shot of Billy Connolly(Father Joe?) outside in the daytime looking down at something....
-- The Screen widens to a large snowy field with FBI agents spread out behind Billy
-- Then we hear Amanda Peet/Agent in Charge Whitney yell out: "Give Him Room!" And then we see her in her FBI Gear walking with the bunch of Agents as she turns around and repeats: "Give Him Room!"
-- Cut back to Billy who says: "it's here...."
-- Then another scene with the FBI agents as a helicopter flies in the background.
-- Billy shouts out: "It's here!" "
-- Then a shot of a person (in a nightgown or a dress??) being dragged over the ground/thru some water/snow
-- Then we see the back of Scully's head, with another person standing across from her. Scully turns around and looks at this person with a look of fear on her face!
-- Another wide screen shot of the snowy field , with a line of horses and riders behind a fence. The FBI agents are approaching them.
-- Then a shot inside of a helcopter flying over the field, as someone inside it points down to an area on the field
-- Another shot of the snowy field full of agents, with Billy still in the lead. (also someone has a dog tracking too)
-- Close up of Billy.
-- Then a shot of something I can't tell what it is?? (Possibly someone/something lying on a hospital table?)
-- Then a shot of a dark-haired man (possibly Bad guy) along with two people wearing doctor's scrub uniforms and masks.
-- Next someone in dark clothing is dragging what looks to be someone inside a black body bag. (or something else pretty huge in a large black bag)
-- Then we see Billy approach something, surrounded on all sides by the agents, he appears to bend down towards what he's found.
-- Mulder is inside a car which gets broadsided by another vehicle!
-- Back to Billy and the agents, where Billy falls down to his knees in the snow, looking defeated/overwrought.
-- Then a full shot of the snowy field with the agents
-- Then we see Mulder in a different scene, he's standing up.
-- Then what appears to be Mulder and another person ( possibly Whitney) come running like mad into a building towards Scully and other Agents who have flashlights, and they are looking across at something, while shining their lights in that direction.
-- Cut to a scene which looks to be a very ill Billy being helped by Scully.
-- Then a quick shot of a scary looking guy in black.
-- Then two people come running towards the screen. (Mulder & Scully??)
-- Then a hand is over someone's own face....another scary looking dude!
-- Then what looks like Mulder standing in front of a heavy snowfall/sleet, and it appears he is falling to his knees.
-- Then a close up of Billy, and his eyes look like they're bleeding!
-- Then a dark night shot,snowy & bare ground, a couple of red flares, and what looks to be Scully with her hair pulled back is approaching.
-- Then back to the daylight snowy field... Billy is with an FBI Agent and they appear to be digging together.
-- Then a dark (interior?) shot of what looks like Xantha Radley's character screaming and lunging towards something/away from something.
-- Then a shot of Mulder in the daytime, snowy background, he is looking around.
-- Then we see Callum Keith Rennie's character's head, submersing himself in water.
-- Then Whitney's face is seen as she appears to find something where they were looking in the snowy field, and she jumps back.
-- Then the screen goes black, and July 25th/2008 appears in white lettering.

(And everyone Screams their heads off!!)

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