Wondercon 2008 - Video Interviste

Ancora materiale dalla Wondercon 2008 di San Francisco (ve lo avevo detto ;)).

Di seguito trovate le interviste realizzate da IESB.net nel backstage della convention a Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz e Gillian Anderson (con breve apparizione di David Duchovny).

Chris Carter

Gillian Anderson e David Duchovny

Qui, una breve trascrizione di quello che dice Gillian, presa dal forum di XFUltimate

IESB: "Nice to meet you"
Gilly replies happily: "Nice to meet you too..." then she points away from him and laughs and says" You're wandering down the line..."
IESB: "We're all over the place...umm, so when you're doing a film like this, how hard is it to get back into character??"
Gilly: "Ummmm....I mean this is the first time that I ahhh..had this eXperience and it was a bit ahhh... harder than I had anticipated...ummmm.... I expected that getting back into Scully was just gonna be....you know...like flipping on a lightswitch and it was actually...ah... took a lot more effort on my behalf" (then she chuckles) "...so... but I think we got there in the end ."
IESB: "Now the series ended in kinda a complicated place..is the movie picking right up from there?? Are you still a mother??"
Gilly: "ummmmmm.....the movie is picking up from...ummm, the time that has passed since the end of the series...so it's real time, so we're..whatever it is...5 or so years beyond the end of the series so that's where we are. And ummmmm...I can't answer that question" (she says the last part with smile and a laugh)
IESB: "Ummm, we've seen photos on the internet of a Werewolf.."
Gilly interjects: "Oh have you....."
IESB: "..any comment on that?"
Gilly says with a smile: "No....I've got no comment on that... ummmm...what-do-ya-mean there's....Hey David??..Did you know that there's something on..online about a Werewolf??"
David walks into the picture behind her and she smiles and looks at him.
David answers: "A what??"
Gilly: "A Werewolf" (she says it a bit mischievously)
David with a fake shock: "Uh!" and then something like "where's Chris.. or There's Chris"
Gilly: "Ummmm....."
David jokes: "It's all screwed up now"
Gilly laughs as she looks at David and says: "Ummmm".
Then David feigns more shock and says quietly: "Sh*t!"
as he smiles back at Gilly, then she laughs again and says: "ummmm.....no, I can't talk about that either."
(David is walking back and forth behind her, then looks like he quietly says: "'No" and then says something jokingly in her ear--like he's saying "A WereWolf" in a goofy way like "A WoofWoof LOL! ....then he goes to leave)
An official looking lady from WonderCon (??) then interjects and says to the IESB guy: "We're done, thank you for coming to WonderCon"
IESB: "Ok, thank you very much"

(Then the WonderCon manuevers DD and Gilly over a bit and says to them: "Ok one photo for ComicCon" )

Frank Spotnitz

Trascrizione dell'intervista a Frank Spotnitz, presa dal forum di XFUltimate

GUY: Nice to meet u..
FS: Nice to meet u..
GUY: So..this film as of yet untitled…last one called Fight The Future…is there going to be a title for this one?
FS: yes... we actually have a title…we haven’t given the go ahead to release it...
GUY: You can tell us...
FS: I wish I could *laughs*... shortly I think...
GUY: We’ve been seeing pictures on the internet of a werewolf... there is even rumours that that’s to mislead people completely...
FS: Well, I’m sort of delighted by what I see is going on on the internet…cause there’s shreds of truth and shreds mistruth..and a lot of speculation and you really don’t know what to believe... which suit us just fine, cause we like to reserve the element of surprise and people go and enjoy the movie and not watch by ticking of all the rumours they heard on the internet... so if you are a fan of the show and you are checking out the rumours on the internet I say don’t believe anything because there is much of misinformation as there is good information...
GUY: Is this a beginning of a series of films for the X-Files?
FS: I would like to think it is... it’s a great idea for a movie... I always felt that..early early on the show I felt that... it’s a natural, cause the show itself is a mini-movie every week and it’s gonna depend how this movie does... honestly... and whether the audience is there for it...
GUY: The series ended kind of on a strange place... for fans, sorta casual fans..how the movie is going to deal with the continuity... or is it just going to go back to Mulder and Scully and the FBI?
FS: I think the movie is very true to the continuity of the series…it’s not an alien conspiracy movie... it’s more stand-alone, scary story...(something that I don’t get what FS says…).it’s a luxury of this movie that it can be about the characters... in a way that the series couldn’t..we had so much we had to do... we had 24 hours of television every year.. we couldn’t dwell into to their personal lives has much as we have been able with this film...
GUY: Thank you very much for talking to us...
FS: Thank you...

WonderCon Video Interviews: X-Files Returns! Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz!

Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz spoke with IESB's Silas Lesnick following their panel at WonderCon this weekend in San Francisco.

The film's timeframe, continuity, mythology and more are covered! Plus, David Duchovny pops into Gillian's interview for a quick cameo!

And don't worry, the new film has a title, it will not be X-Files 2, just as the 1998 film was subtitled Fight the Future, this new film will also have a subtitle...

Also, Chris Carter answers the questions, will there ever be a Millennium film? Will Lance Henrickson appear in this X-Files film?



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