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Il sito About.com pubblica le interviste realizzate dietro le quinte della convention WonderCon 2008 a Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny e Frank Spotnitz.
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Gillian Anderson

How does that feel when you walk out on the stage and everyone screams?

Gillian Anderson: "It's been a really long time since I've heard that so it's, you know, it's cool. It's great that everybody's made the effort to come out and just show their support. I think it's good for us to know that there's still an audience out there."

Did you doubt that?

Gillian Anderson: "No, I don't think we doubted it but, you know, it's extra confirmation that people still are interested in what we have to give."

Is it an added weight on your shoulders when you realize that you have so many millions of fans that have just been waiting for this movie forever?

Gillian Anderson: "I've been trying not to think about that, so thank you very much. Yeah, I'm sure on some level. Yeah, yeah, definitely on some level, just in the quality of it, just wanting it to be. But also I think that Chris (Carter) and Frank (Spotnitz) have come up with a script that satisfies a lot of the fans' needs and that in and of itself hopefully will tick a lot of the boxes, you know? We just want it to be good. We want people to be satisfied."

I was shocked to hear you say in the panel that you came in and you thought you were ready, and you weren't. Was that a shock to you to actually realize you had to think more about Scully?

Gillian Anderson: "It was a shock. It was really frustrating and most of it, as I said, was because I spent such a long time trying to get her out of my head and react to certain things in ways that Scully wouldn't, that when my brain wanted me to get back into it, it was a challenge. It took a lot longer than I thought it did. But coming in, I'd just flown back from India and then the next day from London to Vancouver, and then the next day working, and really two intense scenes. What I was relying on was that it would be easy, and it wasn't at all. But I think we got it."

David Duchovny

You guys got greeted like rock stars when you walked out on stage.
David Duchovny: "Yeah, yeah. It's interesting. I wish I would have had a guitar."

You would have played it?
David Duchovny: "Well I don't play. I wish I had a guitar and I wish I could play the guitar."

And sing maybe?
David Duchovny: "And I wish I could sing. So, you made me feel inadequate."

But seriously, fans love the series so much. Is it an added weight when you're going back into a character that fans love so much and you know you have to get it right, and you've stepped away from it for a while?
David Duchovny: "Now that you put it that way."

So now it is.
David Duchovny: "Yeah, thanks a lot. Yes and no. I think in a way for what you just said yes, but also the show stands on its own. We did nine years; we did a movie. If we never did another frame, it would be fine. I feel like in many ways we're just telling these stories because we like to. We like the characters so I don't really… I mean, Chris (Carter) might as the filmmaker feel an expectation, but for me, no. I mean, I'm totally at peace with the amount of work I've done as Mulder, you know? So it's like everything else is gravy at this point."

Is it easy to get back into him?
David Duchovny: "Not really. It was a little harder. It took a little longer than I thought. But eventually, you know, the words lead you there. You know, the character is written a certain way and you kind of have to trust them."

Would you have done anything differently years ago had you known you'd still be playing Mulder in 2008?
David Duchovny: "Oh god, I don't know. But I know that the way that I've played him has changed over the years."

Frank Spotnitz

This is what bothers me about the X-Files movie… Why is it untitled still? It's a very hard to promote a movie when you have to keep saying the Untitled X-Files Movie.
Frank Spotnitz: "That's a very good point. The movie is untitled because… Why is the movie untitled? Because the studio hasn't given us the go-ahead to release the title."

You guys know all along what the title is going to be?
Frank Spotnitz: "We have a title. We have not been able to release. Hopefully, soon."

The title is out there.
Frank Spotnitz: "The title is out there."

What's your favorite tagline from X-Files?
Frank Spotnitz: "'I Want to Believe'."

Does that sum up your philosophy?
Frank Spotnitz: "No, it doesn't, but I think it's key to the show. What I've always loved about The X-Files is that it's fun, monsters, you can just enjoy it. But it's really about something. If you're interested, look. And 'I want to believe' is really the key to Mulder and Scully and the whole series, and that's why I like it. It's food for thought."

Is it a key to the movie, too?
Frank Spotnitz: "Yes."

The audience here at Wonder Con loved [the clips]. Did you imagine years ago that there would still be X-Files people out there still going crazy for this movie?
Frank Spotnitz: "I have to say from the very beginning I hoped the show would have a long life. And the entire time we worked on it, we really thought about not just that week's broadcast, but about making something that would stand the test of time. We grew up watching Twilight Zone and that's a show that people are still watching 40+ years after it was made, and that was our ambition all along. It's very gratifying that after six years, that people are still interested in what we're doing."

Why did it take so long?
Frank Spotnitz: "You know, the honest answer is because there was a lawsuit and it took it a while to get settled. As soon as it got settled, then everything happened very quickly."

Is this the same script from, let's say six years ago, when you guys started thinking about doing another movie?
Frank Spotnitz: "No. The x-file we thought of quite some time ago. But we really didn't deal with the heart of the story, which is about Mulder and Scully and their relationship. We really couldn't because now it's six years later and the movie really deals with where they are after all that time."

That's interesting because I know we keep hearing that there's a new way you're going with their relationship. But we've seen their relationship go so many different ways, how many ways can you take it?
Frank Spotnitz: "Yeah. Well, I mean that's nice. After six years quite a lot has happened to these people, and to us. We're different now than we were six years ago and so it wasn't hard at all to find new material. We were hungry to revisit these characters and sort of get inside their heads. It was fun to do."

And I imagine this isn't going to be the last time you guys revisit these characters, right?
Frank Spotnitz: "We'll see."

It'll all depend on how successful this one is?
Frank Spotnitz: "I think so."

But you have ideas for another movie, if it happens?
Frank Spotnitz: "You know, I've always felt The X-Files is inexhaustible. It's great characters and the believer/skeptic dynamic is very rich. And what we don't understand about the world and ourselves is endless, so I've always felt it could go on forever."

Are there any episodes you'd like to go back and get another crack at doing again? Maybe you didn't think you got it quite right or there's something you would have loved to push in a different direction?
Frank Spotnitz: "Oh sure. I mean, I feel like our ambition was so high on the show that when we hit it, we really succeeded very, very nicely. But when we missed, boy to me they really went down with a thud. There's a few every season that I felt like that. But I'll meet people all the time that one of those ones that I thought was a dud, they like, so…"

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