Trascrizione e Video Conferenza Stampa Vancouver

Conferenza Stampa VancouverEcco qua, fresca fresca di giornata, una breve trascrizione della conferenza stampa di ieri pomeriggio... :) 
Non vi resta che leggerla, in attesa di altre novità...

Aggiornamento: le novità sono arrivate, grazie ad una segnalazione di Dianne arrivata direttamente a Beyond the Sea dal Canada, adesso è disponibile anche il video della conferenza stampa ;)

Thanks Dianne for mailing us this news!

Grazie a questo filmato è ora possibile vedere anche il trailer di XF2 in una qualità migliore rispetto a quella mostrata dai filmati ripresi a WonderCon il 23 Febbraio.

(cliccate sull'immagine per scaricare il video - tasto destro del mouse e selezionate 'Salva oggetto con nome')


Transcript of CTV-BC News, March 12th/2008

Reporter Coleen Christie in studio: "The Truth is Out there, and in July, it will be in Theatres. I'm of course talking about the new XFiles Movie, shot right here in Vancouver."

Cut to David Duchovny. He's wearing a dark blue shirt, his hair's a bit disheveled, and he's sporting a bit of a 5 o' clock shadow. He's sitting in a chair in front of a mirror, clasping a microphone with both hands.
"It is a home-away-from-home for me, no matter what you all wanna say about it." Duchovny jokes good-naturedly with a smile.

Coleen interupts with: "Ah the difference a decade can make. Today, star David Duchovny and creator Chris Carter were on hand, in their words, to express thanks to the City of Vancouver. The new Movie was filmed on the lower mainland, like the first 5 years of the Television series. When the show relocated to Los Angeles, Duchovny shouldered the blame. He'd said he wanted to live where his wife, Tea Leoni, was shooting a series, and he had once joked about hating the rain in Vancouver on the Conan O'Brien Show."

(Cut to old XFiles TV Series scenes--Scully and Mulder walking around the morgue, Scully and Mulder in their office)
(The whole time Coleen is speaking the above words, we see the Press Conference. Shots of Chris, David and Frank sitting beside each other in chairs in front of a beige striped wall, a mirror behind David. Chris and Frank are dressed all in black, David has tan pants to go along with his dark blue shirt. David & Chris have sneakers on, Frank is sporting boots. Chris has his legs stretched out in front of him, Frank has his arms crossed and his legs crossed, and David has one leg up and over the other, with his foot resting on the opposite knee. Then they cut to a monitor playing the XF2 Teaser.....a widescreen shot of the agents searching the snowy daylight field with the helicopter flying by, Agents and dogs are then seen closer up, the agents have long poles that they are inserting into the snow.. then a shot of Agent XZibit yelling something that sounds like: "Hold on... Look right Look right" --hard to tell what he's saying because Coleen is talking over this part. )

Cut back to David sitting in his chair with the mic.
"So I went out there and he said (Conan), Oh so you wanna move the show to L.A., what's wrong with Vancouver?
And I said, oh it rains all the time, it's just impossible to work there, it rains too much..they cut to the audience and there's a me a Bear crying is funny."

Coleen chuckles happily and says: "Duchovny says the reaction was really a tempest in a teapot, he has nothing but praise for Vancouver."

(We see Larry the big black curly poodle-type dog, walking by and sniffing one of the camera men filming the Press Conference Then a shot of a younger DD teasing and waving to the camera.)

Cut back to David: "I always have a...fondness for..the sheer physical beauty of the city, first of all..., um and....a lot of people...a lot of friends that I met the 5 years that I was up here."

Coleen: "The new XFiles Movie doesn't have a Title yet, but it will be released July 25th."
Coleen continues on with another segment. "And ETalk's Lainey joins us now. I love David Duchony, I have to say that."

Lainey: "I like him too, and his new show Californication is amazing. And um, everybody, is you know, wondering what that plot is gonna be, it's one of the best kept secrets in right here in Vancouver, but there were some new shots from the set of that Movie of a..Scully and Mulder"
Coleen: "Cool!"
Lainey continues: "...maybe they'll be something romantical."
Coleen: "Love it Love it!"

FONTE: Agent Extremis from XFUltimate


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