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Ecco arrivare i primi articoli relativi al Paley Television Festival che ci raccontano cosa hanno rivelato Chris e Frank.
Chris, a suo modo, ci fa capire che una certa questione rimasta in sospeso durante l'ultima stagione di X-Files non sarà del tutto ignorata, nonostante questo non sia un film mitologico nel senso in cui tutti noi x-philes lo intendiamo  ;)
Se volete sapere a cosa mi riferisco, potete leggere gli articoli di seguito. Oggi rimanere spoiler-free è durissima...

Inoltre, potete leggere la diretta del Festival a questo indirizzo

Believe Again

Carter Offers X-Files Spoiler

Chris Carter, who co-wrote and directed the upcoming X-Files sequel film, offered fans a few tantalizing spoilers for the movie, while his writing partner, Frank Spotnitz, said it would remain true to the show's mythology even though it is a stand-alone story.

In a panel at the William S. Paley Television Festival in Hollywood on March 26, Carter told fans that they will learn bit about what happened to William, the baby of Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson), who was given up for adoption in the show's ninth and final season. "It will not go unconsidered in the movie," Carter said.

Carter also revealed why the sequel still does not have a title. "I can't tell you [what it is]," Carter said in response to a question. "Because I don't know, really. I know what I want it to be, but Fox has ideas of their own. And I know what it should be."

Spotnitz said that the movie will pick up the story of Mulder and Scully six years after the events in the show's finale, which aired in 2002. "In the movie, we wanted it to work for non-fans as well as fans," Spotnitz said. "But we were determined for the fans to honor all the work that these guys did on the series and all the love that people had for the show over the years. And so I think you'll see that, while this not a mythology movie, it's true to everything that's come before. It's true to Mulder and Scully, who they are, where they would be at this point in their lives and all of the experiences that they've had."

Neither Carter nor Spotnitz would offer many details about the sequel's storyline. But Carter admitted it derives some its story from the idea the duo had for a sequel movie to be shot immediately after the series ended.

"It's the story we wanted to do," Carter said, adding: "We went to the length of working out the story [in 2002]. And then there was this lawsuit that got in the way. And years went by. ... [Finally,] I got a call from my lawyers: 'The lawsuit's been resolved.' 'Great!' And then the phone is ringing. Fox is like, 'Let's make a movie!' 'Great!'"

That was last year. When Carter went to Spotnitz to find the index cards with the original sequel story idea, they had disappeared, Carter said. "And it was the best thing that could have happened," he said. "Because I think that the story that we came up with now, the movie we just did, is superior to the story that we had. And it made us work harder."

Carter said that the production wrapped principal photography on the sequel about 10 days ago in Vancouver, Canada. The movie opens July 25.

Carter also revealed that he has mulled a movie based on his other TV series, Millennium, which starred Lance Henriksen. "We've talked about that over the years," he said. "Lance would love to do it. I don't know if it would ever get done. It's a long shot. It would be fun. I have ideas about how to do it.".

X-Files Trailer Previewed

Chris Carter offered fans a glimpse at a rough cut of the trailer for the movie, which featured the new tagline "Believe Again."

Screened at the William S. Paley Television festival in Hollywood on March 26, the trailer featured a bit of dialogue between Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson):

Mulder: "Scully. I need you on this with me."

Scully: "I know. That's what scares me."

It featured quick cuts of footage of uniformed men searching a snowfield, led by a white-haired man played by Billy Connolly; someone dragging a body; Mulder in a car being hit by another vehicle; a glimpse of cast member Callum Keith Rennie; Scully hitting someone over the head with a blunt object; the discovery of a body buried in ice; and other images, some of which were also previewed at WonderCon in San Francisco last month.

The trailer ends with a voiceover bit of dialogue between Connolly's character and Mulder as viewers see an image of Mulder and Scully climbing out of a helicopter:

Connolly's voice: "Do you believe in these kind of things?"

Mulder's voice: "Let's just say I want to believe."

The finished trailer will debut in movie theaters along with Iron Man on May 2, a Fox spokesman told SCI FI Wire. The second as-yet-untitled X-Files movie opens July 25.

First Look at X-Files Movie Trailer: Love in the Air?

Straight from the X-Files panel at the Paley Fest on Wednesday, we got a first look at a new trailer for the show's upcoming movie.

Directed by Chris Carter, there are plenty of scenes with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson — and love might even be in the air. In one scene, for example, Mulder says to Scully, "I need you on this [case]." Scully responds, "That's what scares me."

In another, a romantic mood has Mulder with his hand on Scully's face. The scene concludes with a shot of them walking together from a helicopter, and has a voice over from Duchovny saying, "I want to believe."

Shortly after the first screening of the teaser, the fans asked Chris Carter for a second look, and he happily agreed. The crowd that had gone nuts at the first showing reacted even more strongly when they could fully soak up the images a second time around. The film's story seems to begin with a young girl that is taken by something, prompting a massive FBI search effort that takes place in a large snowy field. Interspersed between the images are messages from the show's past about "beliefs" and "truths." Smash to black... then the famous, eerie tones of the theme song filled the air.

A barrage of images then flash across the screen, some dark and scary, and then we see our heroes Mulder and Scully looking older but fabulous. Judging from Scully's reaction to Mulder asking for her help, she's been away from the FBI for a while... but perhaps not away from him. (The trailer showed a glimpse of a lovey-dovey shot of the pair about to kiss.)

A bonus tidbit comes directly from Carter on the press line: Baby William, whom so many of you asked about, will be addressed in the movie in some fashion. You heard it here first!

We want to believe, too. Keep up with us for more from the event! — Erin Fox

'X-Files' creator spills film details

The truth about "The X-Files" sequel — some of it, anyway — is now out there.

"X-Files" creator Chris Carter, writer Frank Spotnitz and other crew members gathered Wednesday to discuss the TV series — and declassify some information about the upcoming film.

The popular Fox paranormal drama, which aired from 1993 to 2002, starred David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

"While this is not a mythology movie, it's true to everything that's come before," Spotnitz said at the William S. Paley Television Festival. "It's true to Mulder and Scully, who they are and where they would be this point in their lives and all of the experiences that they've had."

The series first made the leap to the big screen with 1998's "The X-Files: Fight the Future." Plans for another film were grounded in 2005 when Carter sued Fox over syndication profits for the show. The lawsuit was later settled.

Carter, who also directs the new movie, said it takes place in the present and uses a story envisioned when the series ended. While the show's sprawling alien mythology isn't part of the plot, Carter said there is a reference to Scully's seemingly supernatural son, William, who was born in season eight and later given up for adoption.

The film is due out July 25.

Carter was tightlipped about the title.

"I can't tell you," he said. "I know what I want it to be, but Fox has some ideas of their own."

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