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Oggi esce negli USA il doppio dvd The X-Files Revelations (questo il sito ufficiale) che vanta tra i contenuti, le introduzioni agli episodi di Chris Carter e Frank Spotnitz. Nei giorni scorsi sono apparsi sul web un paio di questi filmati, il primo relativo al Pilot ed il secondo relativo a Milagro, che vi proponiamo di seguito.

The X-Files Revelations

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Trascrizione Pilot

[Chris Carter] The pilot episode of the X-Files set up the characters of mulder and scully, the believer and the skeptic
[Frank Spotnitz] Scully, the female, is the scientist, Mulder, the man, is the character faith, that sort of a reversal huge expectations, and they're in conflict with each other because Scully is essentially been sent to spy on Mulder... and you see in that first episode as Scully's conscience, her character, prevents her from being that spy and even not she doesn't agree with Mulder, she made as skeptic, you see how she's going to be worthy of being his partner, there's also the beginnings of the great unrequited... love, unfulfilled love, the famous sexaul tension between the two characters, and it's interesting in the Pilot episode because it's a very much student/teacher dynamic in the first episode, and really through... through much of the first season it was only later that they start to become equal partners
[Chris Carter] It was the ship that launched the quest that will take them over nine seasons, 202 episodes, it fueled the conspirancy theory and the mythology episodes that will follow.

Trascrizione Milagro

[Chris Carter]
Milagro is a episode that happens to deal with someone's...
[Gillian Anderson] Two headed people
[Chris Carter] ..personal fantasy fetish over the top obsessiveness with a beautiful redhead..
[Gillian Anderson] No!
[Chris Carter] ..named agent Scully
[Gillian Anderson] did it?
[Chris Carter] It is written by John Shiban and Frank Spotnitz who came up the story
[Gillian Anderson] Gosh, you've got a good memory
[Chris Carter] and I, it is I think... I think is one of the best episode we have ever did...
[Gillian Anderson] No it wasn't. (lo mima soltanto con la bocca)
[Chris Carter] ..it was according to Sean Penn the best X-Files episode that we ever did.
[Gillian Anderson] Really? Did he tell you that personally?
[Chris Carter] He did.
[Gillian Anderson] WOOOW

[Frank Spotnitz]
Milagro is one of my personal favourite episodes because is a personal episode to me. It's a story about falling in love with a character, it'a about being a writer, it'a about fiction, it's about make believe and about the power of make believe, how make believe can become real and... there's a chars, that writer played by John Hawkes, writes and puts on his wall and it's actually my handwriting, those are my cards, that's the way that I board X-Files episodes really, anything I write now...
and after having worked to the X-Files for some many years, really spend some much time thinking about these characters Mulder and Scully, you do fall in love with them a bit, you do obsessive about it, you spend yourself thinking about it, you find yorself thinking about it for hours and hours and hours and... that's Milagro was about, it's about the power of that kind of obsession ... and it was such a powerful idea to me, so beautiful executed by Kim Manners, who was one of our great directors... felt like it belonged in this collection

[Gillian Anderson] Are you going through every single one, then?
[Chris Carter] No, I'm done now
[Gillian Anderson] Are you? Ok
[Chris Carter] Thank you
[Gillian Anderson] Bye

Si ringrazia bittersweet per la trascrizione del Pilot e i ragazzi di XFU per l'aiuto nella trascrizione di Milagro.


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