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RomaFictionFest, ospite Gillian Anderson e le altre novità della nuova edizione

Ecco le prime indiscrezioni su cosa vedremo nella nuova edizione dell’evento dedicato alla fiction nostrana e internazionale

A quanto pare sia stato avvistato un U.F.O. nei pressi di Roma. Da quanto si dice sembra sia stata chiamata in causa, per risolvere il caso, addirittura l’agente Dana Scully. Scherzi a parte, in quel di Roma, secondo quanto riportato da Il Messaggero, sarà proprio Gillian Anderson, protagonista femminile di X-files, una delle star della nuova edizione del RomaFictionFest, che si svolgerà dal 30 settembre al 5 ottobre. L’attrice, in occasione del suo ritorno sul piccolo schermo nei panni di Miss Havisham in Great Expectations, sarà presente al festival per ritir ... [Continua a leggere]

Sexuality? It's fluid...

She was once voted the world's sexiest woman. Now Gillian Anderson has set tongues wagging by attending a glittering lesbian ball. She talks to Eleanor Mills about her new thriller, her passion for London - and why she enjoys a complicated life. Portraits: Harry Borden

It was the most glamorous party of the summer. For the first time a high-profile, women-only showbiz do gathered Britain's most successful ladies under the aegis of a glossy magazine to mingle, chat and giggle. In a white-leather tuxedo, Mary Portas, Queen of Shops, proudly showed off her pregnant partner, Melanie Rickey, while lesbian literary royalty in the form of Jeanette Winterson and her new belle, Susie Orbach, Princess Diana's therapist, hung out with Emma Freud and Hollywood stars, including Gillian Anderson. After the paparazzi blitz that accompanied her every move as the iconic Age ... [Continua a leggere]


Voyager #1

Gillian Anderson’s childhood was spent in Puerto Rico, the US and England. Since then she has never lived in any one place for more than four years. No wonder she’s so elusive…

It’s a frustrating business interviewing Gillian Anderson. She turns up bang on time and alone, no entourage. She’s intelligent, articulate and unexpectedly obliging: her agent had said a photo shoot was out of the question, but after our meeting Anderson gets in touch to say she’ll do one. In fact, I like her very much. All the same, she gives little away. In recent times she has made it clear to interviewers that she has no interest in talking about the phenomenally successful TV series that made her a household name, The X-Files. Fair enough: it’s 10 years sinc ... [Continua a leggere]

X-Files: dieci anni fa la fine di uno dei cult della TV moderna

A dieci anni dal finale, ripensiamo a temi e suggestioni della serie di Chris Carter, ma soprattutto all'impronta impossibile da ignorare sulla televisione contemporanea.

19 Maggio 2002. Sui televisori americani scorrevano le ultime immagini dell'episodio La verità, che segnava il traguardo di un viaggio durato nove anni, quello di X-Files. Un percorso articolato, fatto di tensione ma anche ironia, di paranoia cospirazionista ma abile e realistico approfondimento dei personaggi, di dialoghi elaborati e messa in scena all'avanguardia. Un segmento di storia televisiva che di fatto segna una linea di confine tra il passato e il futuro. Uno spaccato di storia del piccolo schermo che distende la sua lunga ombra fino ai giorni nostri, definendo quella che &egr ... [Continua a leggere]

Gillian Anderson recycles, stars in 'Great Expectations'

"In the area that I live in, in London, they have a great recycling scheme and also a great compost scheme — they collect and sell the compost and it gets recycled into other things. The money sustains the recycling," says Gillian Anderson, who has lived in England for a decade. Although she's still known best as "The X Files'" Dana Scully, Anderson has made several costume dramas for PBS' "Masterpiece," including "Bleak House," "Any Human Heart," and the latest, "Great Expectations," which casts her as the mysterious, manipulative, tragic Miss Havisham in the adaptation of Charles Dicke ... [Continua a leggere]

In My Words: Gillian Anderson

Latest role. Playing Miss Havisham in the PBS miniseries Great Expectations. I love getting paid to be a nut job. On moving between America and Britain, where I live now. I was born in the United States, spent my formative years in the United Kingdom, then moved to Michigan when I was 11. Initially I was excited about the adventure. I didn’t take into account how much my Britishness would set me apart. What’s British and what’s American about me. I was just in Los Angeles and the sun was shining and I was smiling a lot. I feel like I’m a nicer person when I&rsqu ... [Continua a leggere]

CAA Signs ‘X-Files’ Creator Chris Carter

EXCLUSIVE: The X-Files creator Chris Carter has signed with CAA. Carter had been a longtime client of Bob Broder, first at BWCS and most recently at ICM following the agencies’ 2006 merger. After a decade away from TV, Carter last fall teamed with MRC to shop female-driven mystery thriller spec Unique, which ultimately didn’t sell. He is attached as an executive producer to another spec, written by feature scribe Jon Bokenkamp, which is being shopped to cable networks by Sony TV. In addition to The X-Files, which ran on Fox for 9 seasons, Carter developed Harsh Realm, create ... [Continua a leggere]

Gillian Anderson da "X-Files" allo spettro bianco di Dickens

Sarà una favola di Charles Dickens a liberare Gillian Anderson dal fantasma di Dana Scully? Nonostante un discreto curriculum lavorativo e due film in uscita nel 2012 (Mr. Morgan's Last Love e The Curse of The Buxom Strumpet), l'attrice americana non riesce a liberarsi dal personaggio della serie cult degli anni Novanta X-Files. Per questo, dopo aver ottenuto una nomination ai premi BAFTA per il ruolo di Lady Deadlock in Casa Desolata prodotta dalla BBC nel 2005, la star di Hollywood ha accettato con entusiasmo il ruolo dello spettro bianco di Miss Havisham nella nuova mini serietelevis ... [Continua a leggere]

Chi ****o è questo tipo? E' David Duchovny

Dopo averlo seguito nella leggendaria serie X-Files e nella controversa Californication, lo abbiamo ben identificato. Di seguito, una intervista esclusiva per Esquire.

Questa intervista è stata una specie di appuntamento con accompagnatore. Appuntamento professionale e a lunga distanza, è chiaro. Ma si può conoscere molto di più di una persona anche se lo si conosce sotto sorveglianza. Ed il carisma di David Duchovny supera di gran lunga la fragile connessione telefonica e la supervisione del suo agente, che, prima di cominciare, mi ha avvertito che l’attore di X-Files e Californication non avrebbe risposto a nessuna domanda sulla sua vita privata, sulla sua ex moglie, né a niente del genere.Dopo avergli assicu ... [Continua a leggere]

Are 20th Century Fox Close To Greenlighting A Third X-Files Film?

Thanks to a dedicated fan campaign, are Fox close to ordering a third feature film adaptation of The X-Files?

In July 2008, 20th Century Fox released The X-Files: I Want To Believe, the second feature film adaptation of Fox’s long running science fiction television series. The film, which was received poorly in the United States, tanked at the box office; bringing in only 21 million dollars, domestically. Despite that, rumours have persisted that a third X-Files film was in development. What’s the real story, are Fox really interested in producing a third film? Is the truth out there? The X-Files First a little background. The series was created by Chris Carter and ran on the Fox ... [Continua a leggere]

My best things in life...

Red Magazine


BEST CITY: London. I love everything about it - the weather, the architecture, the theatres, its international film community, its multiculturalism, its green spaces, its attitude and its proximity to the rest of the world. BEST CO-STAR: It's terrible to have to narrow it down, but I'll say Donald Sutherland, my co-star in Moby Dick. We had only one scene together, where he gave a long sermon to a crowd and my character interrupts him. It was enough for him to win my heart between every take with his charm, his intimate accounts of experience in the business and his undying love for his wife. ... [Continua a leggere]

From the X-Files to X-rated

Radio Times #1

Fame came early to Gillian Anderson, but this Hollywood émigrée is happier as a Victorian madam than she was as a sci-fi pin-up

It’s a cold, wet, early morning on “Blue Monday", supposedly the most depressing day of the year, at a photographic studio in a cul de sac next to a decrepit garage in Dalston, east London, and I'm awaiting the arrival of a 5ft 3in, twice married mother of three, a once world-famous television star whose conversation has been likened to “wrestling with a crocodile". Oh dear. She’s also posed in knickers for a lads’ mag, been voted the world’s sexiest woman, won an Olivier nomination for her performance as Nora in Ibsen’s The Doll's House, and a Bafta n ... [Continua a leggere]

The 'X' factor

Los Angeles Times, 17 Marzo 2011

The work of Scully and Mulder remains influential. Six Flms being released this season exhibit shades of 'The X Files.'

There's a strange confluence of sciencefiction movies being released this season - six otherwordly films in six weeks. What's behind this phenomenon? A little investigation shows that although TV's "The X-Files" went off the air in 2002, the truth may be still out there - and we're not just talking about the flashlights and lab coats inherited by Fox's "Fringe." These half-dozen films might all be filed under X in one way or another. Consider:"The Adjustment Bureau"(March 4) The mysterious puppet-master of this well reviewed sci-fi/thriller quietly tend to the course of human history and ... [Continua a leggere]

Gillian Anderson 'I let go of things I cannot control'

Copertina Psychologies

Mother, actress, rebel and chilli-chocolate enthusiast Gillian Anderson explains why - at last - she has reached a point in her life where she can relax.

When Gillian Anderson was 24, she was busy carving out a successful career as a theatre actress. Then a script for a new drama about supernatural conspiracies landed in her lap. Having sworn she'd never do a TV show, she fell in love with sceptical FBI agent Dana Scully and took the role, expecting it to run for a few episodes. The X-Files took off in a way no one could have imagined, catapulting Anderson and co-star David Duchovny to worldwide fame. There were awards, adulation and 'sexiest woman' accolades. The enormous success of the show caused a tabloid frenzy, with exposes claiming Ander ... [Continua a leggere]

X-Files - L’inizio del mito

Su FX torna la prima stagione di X-Files, con gli episodi che hanno trasformato le gesta di due agenti dell’FBI in un pezzo di storia della tv

“Generazione X”: una definizione molto sfruttata. Ma se c’è un caso che si presta perfettamente a tale definizione, è questo: il caso di X-Files. I telespettatori che hanno avuto la fortuna di conoscere questa serie al suo arrivo in Italia appartengono alla generazione X. Quelli che non hanno avuto questa fortuna possono recuperare: dal 6 ottobre FX ripropone le prime, indimenticabili avventure di Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) e Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson). E per noi fans di vecchia data… Repetita iuvant. La storia ormai è nota: Chris Carter, r ... [Continua a leggere]



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